Our house is considered to be our last sanctuary. It is one of those places that should make us feel safe and secure. We are surrounded by people who love us the most or you might be living alone. However, this does not change the fact that this is where we want to be most of the time.

Working for hours each day can make going home feel like the biggest and best prize you can ever achieve. Even though we swear we hate the place, time and time again we return to something that we will miss while at work. Cleaning all of it though is another story as this link can tell us.

The Cleanup is the Hardest Part

Giving the effort to make sure that it is a livable place is something ingrained in all of us. However, most of us do tend to give only the minimum of our efforts. As long as the surroundings do not smell too bad, and the floors can still be stepped on, then you will be fine.

We might have a lot of time during the weekends or rest days, but these can end up being a family or a lazy day. We might end up ignoring some parts of our house, but not the carpets. They are the ones that would be the first thing we stepped on when we enter and the last one when we exit.

Cleaning the carpets might be the ickiest thing that we would ever do while doing any kind of maintenance. As you step on it, you would certainly leave a residue on it. This means that this becomes the hubbub of all the bacteria and other microorganisms from the outside world.

You might think that you are not bringing them along with you. However, if you are just going to ignore that, it is going to build upon your carpet easily. Before you know it, it is already too late and you need to change everything. To avoid this situation, below are some tips that you can follow to make cleaning a bit easier.

Keping Your Carpets Spick-and-Span


Avoid using shoes inside the home

This might seem insane for many of you, but this is the most effective way of dealing with dirt going onto your carpets. You can do the typical Asian way and leave your shoes at the door.  Being barefoot is so much free, and you would have a better grip than most footwear available.

You might also want to have a different set of footwear while you are inside the home. Store them outside, and you can leave your work or school shoes right at the door as well. However, you might want to have a designated rack for that.

Use an effective carpet cleaner


If you cannot avoid forgoing the shoe, then you might need to invest in a good carpet cleaner. There are many kinds of steam and carpet cleaners in the market these days due to demand. It is so much more efficient because it uses water pressure to clean your carpets as fast as possible. You can reach the crevices quite easily, and it is also so much safer compared to those artificial cleaners lying around. However, it might not be good for some types of carpets, so you might want to research more regarding what you have.

Keep track of your pets, if any

Another important thing that you need to consider is your pets, specifically the ones that are always outside. Dogs can be the most adorable animals on earth, but they are also the most active. They like playing in areas that are just the places where dirt and mud just frolic with each other. You cannot stop these animals from going there, but you can certainly track their locations.

They need to exercise, but you also need to make sure that they will not make a mess. If you already know that they are going outside, then clean them up before bringing them inside. It can be a great lesson for them as well.

Clean immediately if there are any kind of stains 

As mentioned before, if there are already colonies forming on your beloved carpets, don’t wait until it is already too late. Once you have seen it thickening, then it is time to clean it up. You can certainly use a steam machine or other tools to get the job done. You can certainly do it manually, although this depends on what kind of carpet you have.

If you have one of those artificial ones, then it is easier even though they might be prone to damage. On the other hand, those handwoven ones might not be something that you would want to expose to the elements.

Sweep and vacuum often


Maintenance is rather important, especially if you want these to last as long as you need them. Aside from cleaning and using that equipment, you also need to take care of them properly. If they are already seeing signs of damage, then it is time to change. Choose something easy to maintain yet still effective as a carpet. You would not want to add more work by choosing those expensive ones, right?

Unless you have the budget to buy more of them, then we suggest choosing something simple yet classy. Take a look at your closest home improvement stores or online stores and start seeing possibilities for your home.