The quality of your back and front yard will affect your home’s overall appearance. It is almost summer and summer is the time of year where we can really enjoy and appreciate our yards. Minnesota’s humid continental climate means that the winters are cold and the summers are hot. The snow and cold temperatures of winter will be harsh on your yard, so you will need to carry out some essential maintenance to help it recover and look good for summer. For some tips, here are 5 things you can do to your Minnesota yard to make it stand out this summer.

Tidy Garden Beds

One of the first steps to improving the appearance of your yard is to clean up the garden beds. This includes raking out the beds, pruning shrubs and branches, and removing all the dead plants and grasses. Give the edges of the garden beds a trim, to neaten them up. To nourish all of your plants to prepare them for their next growing season, you should spread a fresh layer of compost over them.

Plant Summer Flowers

Once you have tidied up your garden beds and removed the plants that didn’t survive the winter, you will be able to see how much space you have to plant some beautiful summer flowers. These flowers will bring colorful life to your yard and will make the space stand out. You should use a combination of colors and height, to add some visual variety. Once planted, make sure you water them daily.

Remove Winter Grime

Over the winter, there is a high possibility that grime has built up over your walkways, steps, flower pots, decking, outdoor furniture, etc. In order to fight this, you should bring out the power washer and spray it all away. If you have an outdoor swimming pool, this would have most likely taken a hit over winter, so you will need to drain it, clean it, and refill it, so it is prepared for the warm summer months.

Install Modern Features

Every summer, there are new yard features that are released for our pleasure. If you want to add something special to your backyard, then you should consider installing some modern features. This could include a fire pit, some new furniture, contemporary water features, LED lighting, a swing seat, etc. Doing your research to find something that will suit you and your garden is a must before you buy.

Carry Out Maintenance

Tidying garden beds and removing winter grime isn’t the only maintenance your yard will require. Unfortunately, to make sure your front and back yard is prepared for the summer and looks its best, there are a number of things you need to do. This includes repairing garden furniture, tidying up walkways, cleaning outdoor light fixtures, repainting the fences and wooden furniture, plus more.

Preparing your yard so it stands out this summer will take time and preparation. However, the hard work you put into your front and back yard will definitely pay off and you should prepare yourself for many compliments over the warmer months.