Our rooms are often our only sanctuary in a world of mundanity and cruelty. Most of us will spend a significant chunk of our lives in our bedrooms or our private reflection spaces, and even if we live with our family, there will undoubtedly be a room that is our own. Mothers often take the kitchen, while fathers have their studies and children their own bedrooms; the home is divided into these strict territories, which every family member knows not to transgress the boundaries of. Making the most of our respective rooms is a brilliant way to ensure a lack of anxiety and to increase our productivity.

Here are some ways that you can make the most out of your room.

Make It as Your Reflection Room

Whenever you stake your claim on a room, you will always want to keep the room quiet and help to cultivate the image of it being your reflection room. The room should match your personality, and thus you will want to create a reflection of yourself in the room. Part of doing that is by keeping the room calm, even if you are chaotic, as the purpose of the room is simply to act as a private space for you to relax and consider the day and that which has taken place in it. When you click here you’ll learn that keeping your room quiet can be done in many ways. Consider soundproofing your room so that any noise you make inside cannot get out, and outside in; set up a stereo with relaxing wind noises and whale sounds, or set up chimes you can ring when inside your room for a meditative experience.

Keeping your reflection room calm will ensure your family respect that it is your private calm zone. If you treat the room with no regard, make a lot of noise, or are just loud all around, your family is unlikely to treat the room very seriously and will likely consider it somewhere they too can come and destroy things and make a racket. If you cultivate a verdant garden of bliss, then they are unlikely to want to disrupt your positive energy and allow you to truly unwind.

Paint Your Room

Another great way to make the most out of your room is to get artistic. You can paint and decorate your room with loads of cool ideas, each giving you an opportunity for personal creative flair. Many people neglect the wonder that can be hard by designing, decorating, and changing your room to meet your taste, and painting your room is a great way to do so. You can paint it however you want and can put anything on the walls that reflect your personality and makes you happy inside. If you do not wish to paint, consider putting wallpaper up; there is no shortage of fantastic wallpapers available, you can even have them custom made, and they can be a great addition to your personal sanctuary. If you do not wish to put wallpaper up or paint, then you can find great joy from filling your room full of paintings and pictures that reflect your personality and are things you love to look at. You can find loads of really cool paintings at flea markets and second-hand stores and can find some stuff that will accentuate your personality and show your creative flair.

Put Down Some Cool Furniture

Having your own private space, of course, allows you to put down cool furniture that is a reflection of what you love. You can go to a local flea market or second-hand supermarket, as mentioned above, and find some cheap deals on vintage or even new furniture. If you are slightly younger, consider asking your parents for permission to change and alter the furniture in your room, with their financial backing, of course. Designing your bedroom or reflective zone is no longer a chore and can be a lot of fun! Money can often be an issue when it comes to purchasing furniture, which is why it is an excellent idea to buy furniture from flea markets, as you can pick up some great deal and some great vintage furniture worth a lot more than you pay for it.

The above-mentioned are just some of the ways you can do to make the most of your personal space. You can make it your own sanctuary — adding a reading nook, setting up a gaming space, or make it your home office. However you want it to be, just make sure to do your research for some design ideas, tips, and good deals.