A swing for a child is fun, a little excitement, and a joy of movement. A swing for an adult is a portal to the past, memories of pleasant and long-gone days, of carefree time, which, if not returned, then felt again in full.

Suspended Chair

Garden swings, hanging chairs, and hammocks are used in almost every home because many swings are suitable for apartments and balconies. A garden swing with an awning is convenient in the garden or on the terrace, as the roof protects from the sun and light rain while accommodating a large company at the same time. Hanging chairs, as a rule, are provided for exceptionally comfortable rest of one or two people. From a range of models and materials, everyone will be able to find them initially; such furniture was made only from natural materials (most often rattan and vine). But already in the late 60s, the Finnish designer Eero Aarnio proposed a version made of transparent plastic. This model resembled a cocoon, but a ball, and was attached to the ceiling with a metal chain. This variation of the mini hammock also quickly became popular. Today, a floating chair is made from various materials, and the number of models is much larger.


The hanging chair is fundamentally different from the standard chair in the way of fastening. If, in the first case, the base somehow stands on the floor, be it a classic model with four legs or a soft frameless “pear,” then in the second, the fulcrum will always be at the top. The seat can be attached to the ceiling using cables, ropes, or chains; the support is on the floor to the upper tier of a rigid frame.

Fittings (bolts, blocks, hooks), screens for extra strength, or a special hardening paste can be used as fasteners.

Because one way or another, such furniture is suspended, it has several operational features.

  • Weight restriction – on average, products are designed for a load of 80 to 100 kg; some can withstand up to 150 kg.
  • Seat depth – some models are designed for children (up to 50 cm), and anything above is suitable for adults. For tall people, it is better to take models with an open-top rather than rigid closed spheres.
  • If the seat is mounted directly to the ceiling, it is essential that the structure can support the heavy furniture. It can be suspended from sturdy concrete slabs or large wooden beams with additional fasteners.
  • If you plan to sit and swing, you need to provide free space around the product. The smaller the area, the softer it is to take the base – a mini-fabric hammock is more compact than a round plastic drop.

Types Of Suspended Chairs


Cocoon Chair

Considered a variation on the first air chair, Danish designers have created the Egg with a comfortable, ergonomic shape. Modern manufacturers repeat it in different interpretations, always maintaining a cozy, rounded shape in which you can truly relax.

Cocoons are made of metal, fabric, or macrame, natural and artificial weaving materials. Examples of what a cocoon hanging chair might look like are in the photo below.

Braiding is the most common base for this type of frame. Wicker hanging chairs, as in the photo, is made from vines, bamboo, or rattan. The latter can be natural or artificial, which in terms of technical characteristics is inferior to the original. In addition, it does not require complex maintenance (genuine rattan needs to be moisturized regularly), and it is also more durable and flexible.

Cocoon Chair

Wicker patterns work well with wood and other natural materials. Suitable for ethnic, Scandinavian, or eco interiors.


Ball Chair

Products of this type have a regular ball shape, and the frame, as a rule, is made of transparent or translucent material. This creates the feeling of being in a soap bubble or a drop of water. The degree of openness differs: some models are a hemisphere, and some are almost entirely covered with a plastic frame, leaving only a tiny hole to climb into the shelter.

Ball Chair

Such models are attached directly to the ceiling, most often on a metal chain. Suitable for modern styles, incredibly hi-tech, and minimalism.



Some of the seats are more like a hammock than a traditional chair. Such a product does not have a frame at all – it is a dense fabric, the ends of which are wrapped up; the material is attached first to the horizontal bar and then to the ceiling.


This type of furniture is most often found in country houses or boho interiors, as in the photo. However, in a city apartment, such an element immediately adds brightness to the atmosphere and is associated with relaxation on the seashore. 

Swing chair

Swing Chair

Another unusual variation of the standard model is fixed to the ceiling with two strong cables or ropes. The seat can be flat, like a classic swing, made of wood, metal, or plastic, or stylized – for example, a wicker version with bumpers and a soft lining is suitable for a children’s room.

Hanging chair in the interior of the apartment: placement options in different rooms.


The rocking process is natural for a child. Hanging seats are suitable for toddlers learning about the world and hyperactive schoolchildren who find it difficult to concentrate on one thing and sit still. For the nursery, give preference to natural materials (vine, willow, bamboo, rattan, cotton).

Kids Room

The seat must be safe so that the child does not get hurt or bumped. Optimally – a fabric base or a soft backing for the frame.

Where to place

  • If the child is still very young, the swing is placed near the crib so that parents can swing the baby in it.
  • For older children – in the play area or, if planned, the child will read in a secluded corner with sufficient lighting.

The chair can also be used for zoning, especially in a small room – it can be used to designate the transition from the work area to the play area and separate the sleeping place.


Bed room

In the bedroom, a cocoon will create an additional feeling of coziness and privacy. In it, you can read your favorite book before bed or relax. Since the central place in the room is the bed, you can organize a lounge area in a free corner—best of all – by the window. Lightweight wicker models are suitable, which will not overload the space. They can be complemented with a pair of throw pillows and a soft blanket.

Living room

Living room

A hanging chair in the living room interior creates a stimulating effect, replacing or complementing the usual upholstered group.

Popular placement ideas

  • Near the sofa are one or two identical objects.
  • In the center of the room is a focal element of the interior.
  • In the corner – in this case, the seat is complemented with decor (textiles, indoor plants), and poufs, decorative baskets, or a coffee table are placed next to it, thus forming a full-fledged lounge area.

If you want to highlight an original piece, place a rug underneath it or arrange decorative lighting.



Hanging chairs on the balcony, the photo of which you see below, is used to organize a seating area in a small space. It is cozy to sit in it in the evening or admire the sunrise.

To enhance the feeling of coziness and relaxation, you can complement the product with a small table. Lay a soft carpet on the floor, and decorate the loggia with live plants, candles, and decorative lighting. If space permits, supplement with a pair of chairs or soft armchairs.

For a balcony, options on standing support are often used – this allows you to avoid excessive stress on the ceiling and move the product or take it into the room at any time.

Ideas for giving

Such furniture is a great way to organize a country house or a summer cottage recreation area. You can place a wicker cocoon or soft hammock on the open terrace or near the porch. If there is no terrace, pay attention to the models on the counter – so you don’t have to figure out where to hang the seat, and it can be rearranged to another place at any time. The hammock chair can be hung on a tree.

If space permits, organize a full-fledged lounge area with a sofa group, a table, and sun loungers – all of these items can be from the same collection. And for a greater sense of coziness, it is worth adding decorative spotlighting: for example, garlands, candles, and floor candlesticks.