When valuing a property, there are many obvious improvements homeowners make to increase the worth. Many consider adding a fresh coat of paint to the walls, redecorating rooms, or adding new appliances. But what about installing impact windows?

Keep reading to learn 5 ways impact windows can improve your home’s value.

1. Strong Frames

Impact windows are popular in areas susceptible to natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and blizzards. The reason being impact windows are built with strong frames to withstand powerful winds. In fact, many states require homeowners to install impact windows and doors as part of their residential codes.

Additionally, their strong frames keep window breaches from causing an atmosphere change resulting in significant damage to the rest of your home. For example, external pressures from wind, rain, and debris can build up internal pressure in a home. This can cause a roof to lift off a home, destroying everything inside.

Because impact windows are the best defense for keeping a home and loved ones safe during severe storms, many buyers will pay more for a house with this type of protection already built-in.

2. Shatter-Resistant Glass

Shatter-resistant glass is commonly used in cars, schools, and storefronts – but it is also extremely beneficial within your home. A recent survey revealed nearly a fourth of all burglars will try to break into a home through a window because they are an easy entry point. Even if a window is locked, it does not take too much force to breakthrough.

The fortunate result of installing impact windows is their shatter-resistant glass. These types of windows are built with two tempered glass outside layers with a shatter-proof middle layer. This type of material helps discourage home invasions and theft by making it nearly impossible to break. Because safety is a principal feature for homebuyers, windows with shatterproof glass are a great selling point.

3. Sound Dampening

Not only can impact windows protect the exterior of your home from damaging winds and break-ins, but they also reduce outside noise as well.

If you live in a city or populated area, chances are you can hear exterior noises such as traffic, sirens, construction, and pedestrians every day. Even if you are living in a suburban home, it is safe to assume you have been bothered by noisy neighbors or dogs barking.

This can be a major distraction, especially when working from home or when trying to sleep. Noise population is often one of the biggest drawbacks of living in highly populated communities.

For this reason, professional impact windows with sound dampening technology can improve a home’s value. It assures homeowners will live in a peaceful environment regardless of the noise coming from the outside.

4. Superior Climate Control 

All homes will lose heat or cool air through their windows. That means more money coming out of your pocket to pay for monthly energy bills. To lose as little heat and cool air as possible, consider installing impact windows.

Impact windows are built with thermal installation to offer superior climate control. This helps reduce excess air from leaving your home. As a result, it takes less energy to keep your house at a comfortable temperature. By making this upgrade, the U.S. Department of Energy estimates that homeowners with energy-efficient windows can save between $126 to $465 a year.

Going one step further, some homeowners choose to add tinting treatments to their windows to decrease energy costs even more. Additionally, purchasing impact glass windows could qualify your home for an Energy Star rating which can reduce taxes.

Who doesn’t love saving money on energy bills? As a homeowner, you will love it and so will potential buyers.

5. UV Filtering

You have likely heard of the health effects caused by ultraviolet (UV) radiation. When exposed to too much UV radiation, your body is more susceptible to sun-related health problems. Did you know overexposure to UV radiation can also damage furniture and other valued treasures inside your home?

The sunlight breaks down many of the chemicals present in furniture and fabric dyes. As a result, many items in your home will have permanent discoloration or fading. There is the common resolution of using blinds or curtains to block sunlight – but many homeowners appreciate the natural light.

Impact windows are the best of both worlds. They let sunlight into the home, while also filtering out harmful UV rays. With impact windows, you don’t have to worry about damaging chairs, couches, coffee tables, or other items that sit close to sunlight.  

Invest in Home Upgrades With Numerous Benefits

Impact windows can make a major impression in terms of exterior design, energy efficiency, and increased security. As a result, they can make your home more appealing to future buyers. They are a great long-term investment that property owners often see a sizable increase in their home’s value over time.

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