As far as home comfort is concerned, the bathroom is among the most important rooms. It also carries a huge proportion of the home’s value. But due to recurrent use, the fixtures end up wearing and tearing out easily. This only means one thing. Your bathroom needs continuous maintenance, as well as repair and replacement of faulty parts, fixtures, and equipment. As you might already know, plumbing parts tend to be more prone to damage. While some can be fixed through minor repair and DIY, some plumbing fixtures will need to be replaced by a professional plumber. With this having been said, here are some plumbing fixtures soon in your bathroom that may need replacement.

1. Toilet

A damaged toilet can be quite an expensive stinking nightmare in any house. If your toilet bowl is discolored or the water tank is cracked and leaking, it is more advisable to replace the entire thing as soon as possible before the cracks burst open. Ensure you fix it early enough to avoid a bigger and messier problem. When getting a new toilet, however, the flushing system is one of the important things to consider. This is because it largely determines the toilet’s action mechanism. Charlie Jones from BTG says that there are different flushing systems to choose from depending on your preferences. However, it is best to pick one that easily flushes down all the waste without consuming a lot of water or flushing twice. Apart from water efficiency and flush performance, other things to consider when getting a new toilet include:

  • Size and measurements
  • Accessibility and ergonomics
  • Toilet type and style
  • Color
  • Price

2. Shower Head

Taking a shower not only washes dirt from our skin but helps our brain and body to relax. However, a leaky or clogged showerhead can get in the way of achieving this experience. A leaking shower head can be caused by high water pressure or cracks. Leaking can also have negative effects on your health like respiratory problems out of the mold build up on the walls and floors of your bathroom.

A clogged shower head is another problem that will require a replacement. Clogging can be a real nuisance while taking a shower since the water from the shower tends to shoot out in all directions with a non-consistent flow. The clogging is mostly caused by dirt and mineral build-up in the showerhead. To enjoy an undisrupted bath, call in a professional plumber for a replacement as soon as possible.

3. Leaky Faucets

A drip from your faucet is not just a drip… it will definitely cost you an extra dollar in your water bill. Dripping faucets are mostly caused by rust, cracks, and loose parts. Replacing a rusty, cracked, or loose faucet is much cheaper and more effective than doing a temporary repair. If you notice that your faucet is dripping too many drops of water after turning it off, don’t ignore it. Replace the whole apparatus as soon as possible. You can save potentially hundreds of dollars from your utility bills by the end of the year.

4. Bathroom Sink

There is nothing gross like a stained discolored bathroom sink. It not only looks filthy but also unhygienic. Over time, bathroom sinks tend to discolor, and these stains can be quite hard to remove even with the best detergents. In this case, bathtub replacement becomes the best option. A cracked sink is also another reason why you should replace your sink. There is not much you can do to correct or improve the cracks for an appealing look; a replacement will definitely bring back an inviting look to your bathroom.

5. Bathtub

Taking a bath is one of the greatest ways to relax and calm yourself after the hustle and bustle of a long day. You definitely need a comfortable bathtub, as you treat yourself to a warm bath. If your bathtub is cracked or chipped, stained, or discolored, then this is the right time to replace it. Repairing a bathtub can be time-consuming and expensive. There is always a possibility the same problems could develop in the future. To avoid recurrent repair costs, consider replacing your tub for a more elegant and comfortable bath.

Finally, your bathroom mirrors may also need replacement soon. A mirror is an essential item in every bathroom. It not only helps you to have a good glance at your appearance, but it also tends to enhance and enlarge the appearance of your bathroom. Bathroom mirrors tend to develop black spots which lead to desilvering due to the high moisture in the bathroom. Resilvering the mirror to its original look is a complex and expensive affair, and it may not give you the expected results. Replacing the mirror with a superior quality one can be easier and more cost-effective.