If you live in a big city, you will probably be used to the idea of relatively smaller living spaces. But a smaller area does not mean that you cannot have a beautiful home. In fact, compact spaces have a knack for looking warm and pretty if you decorate them in the right way. Just using the right colors, placing the furniture the right way and playing a bit with the decor can get you sorted out. If you have a small living room and want to give it a makeover, here are some cool redecorating ideas that can make it look more spacious and beautiful without much work.

Opt for pastels

Opt for pastels

When you invest in a re-decor project, getting a fresh coat of paint should be on top of your mind. Pastels make a great pick for giving the impression of spaciousness for smaller spaces. Blush pinks, pale blue, dusky lilacs and greys are the current favorites. These shades add fresh and inviting vibes to any room, making it look cozy yet not closed in. Avoid brilliant whites because they can look too stark.

Decorate vertically

You can switch to wallpaper instead of paint this time, but make sure that you stick to verticals to create an impression of space. A vertical decor lets you attract attention towards the ceiling, drawing it away from the limited floor space. You can even create a statement wall with vertical wallpaper and decor pieces and stick with paint on the remaining walls.

Add storage near the ceiling

Often, homeowners end up making small rooms look even smaller because they don’t have enough storage. Just a little work by an expert and you can create camouflaged storage near the ceiling. You can connect with an expert at Snupit and get the best quote for the service. Look for someone who understands the concept of working with small spaces and has great ideas for creating storage at the most unexpected spots.

Switch to multi-functional furniture

Switch to multi-functional furniture

Another smart way to add more space to your tiny living room is by investing in multi-functional pieces of furniture. A coffee table that doubles as a storage bin lets you clear the clutter at a moment’s notice. Buy a sofa which has storage under the seat. Grace the decor with wall mirrors as they can maximize the amount of natural light flowing in the room to make it appear bigger and brighter.

Use lighting to your advantage

Besides wall color and furniture, lighting is another important aspect of living room redecoration. An overhanging pendant light makes a great way to create a focal point in a small space. Just arrange a couple of chairs beneath and add some colorful floor cushions or stools when you have guests visiting. A central point in the room gives it a wider ambiance and takes eyes off the clutter as well.

Look for tall decor pieces rather than broad ones and have long rugs rather than wall to wall carpeting. A little help from a professional, along with a lot of creative thinking, can give you the inspiration to beautify a small space easily.