Whether you’re moving into a different house or remodelling your current home, there’s a lot of planning that goes into making your house feel like a home.

Furnishing your home is just one of the ways you can bring your house together. Having custom sofas can be a great way to make your new house feel homely. 

Sticking to a budget at such a time can be quite a hurdle. However, the best way is to invest in the necessary items first. Later on, you can revisit your budget to plan for the items that are more of a want than a need.

Here are some recommendations to help you start.

1. Expandable Furniture 

You will never have adequate space to accommodate all the furniture you fancy—mainly if you live in a small house. In such circumstances, expandable furniture is handy. 

Your house may be enough for your family, but it’s better to have furniture that can house more people when the need arises. 

Therefore, when picking out furniture for your new house, ensure that you choose custom sofas that’ll match your tastes and preferences. For example, when purchasing a dining table for four people, buy one that can accommodate six people.

Similarly, consider other furniture such as a custom sofa bed and dining tables that are expandable. These types of furniture are a must-have for your home. Check out the best items of furniture from https://helenstoreyantiques.com at affordable prices.

2. Shelf Space 

Light and floating shelves are integral in every home. When relocating to a new house, ensure you add more shelves to place books and knick-knacks among other items. 

Having shelves eradicate the need for voluminous storage units that can take up lots of floor space, making your house appear small.

Shelves can be added vertically or horizontally. This makes them a good storage option. Dismantling and replacing a shelf is a simple and hassle-free process making them an essential storage option in every home.

3. Functional Dining Set

If you are not looking to buy a big dining table right away, you can purchase a functional one for your family in the meantime to cross it off the must-have furniture list. 

Consider your immediate needs to determine the size of the table that will be suitable. You may also need to consider your future needs so that you can plan accordingly. 

Apart from serving as an eating area, a functional dining room or kitchen comes in handy when you work remotely, or you require some space to work on your passions or when you want to help your kids with homework. 

4. A Dresser 

Owning a dresser will alleviate your stress when organising your accessories and clothing. 

Your bedroom design will determine the dresser you’ll pick if you want to match your dresser to the bed frame and other furniture in your room. 

As mentioned in the other essential items, the same rules are considered here. Your taste for design will determine the construction and material of the dresser. 

In addition, the size of the dresser will depend on the space available in your room. For instance, long dressers would fit better in larger areas, while standing dressers are optimal for smaller spaces. 

5. Carpets and Rugs

After getting all the furniture you require, it’s time to put everything together. You can light up the room by bringing in some rugs. 

If you have bright-coloured sofas, you can opt for neutral-coloured rugs or multi-coloured rugs with plain sofas. Colour contrasting can elevate the theme of your house. You can put carpets in your bedroom to achieve a cozy environment. 

To warm up a dull place, opt for faux or thicker fur carpets. Take note that the material you choose will impact the general maintenance of rugs and carpets, so ensure you choose cautiously if you don’t want to spend too much time cleaning. 

6. Some Fun Ottoman

Ottomans are unique pieces of accent furniture, and they also contribute to more seating in a room. You can bring in an upholstered ottoman with a soft top cushion—this doubles as a sitting area for guests and a footrest. 

An even better one is a storage ottoman—it offers extra storage that you may need for accessories while keeping things out of sight and organised. A cocktail ottoman provides more table space and also acts as a coffee table. 

Time to Decide 

Picking the essential furniture for your home boils down to what you need versus what you want.  

The list above is a guide to help you choose the essential furniture you need when you’re just starting. After you’ve confirmed the basics, you can begin planning for more desirable and exciting items that’ll create design themes in your entire house. 

Ensure you research before you buy anything and make a realistic budget to make sure you can purchase other items eventually.