When it comes to pest and building inspections, the team at CCBI Brisbane Northside uses only the latest and most innovative tools. The inspectors are highly experienced and have a wealth of knowledge of identifying any potential problems with a property.

These are some of the tools that they use:

Thermal Imaging

It is a handy tool for locating moisture problems or heat leaks. It doesn’t just show water damage areas but also helps detect heat loss that the naked eye can easily miss.

Moisture Meters

These are used primarily to find any potential issues with dampness in the home, from leaks to condensation and general dampness. Not only this, but moisture meters can be easily used to detect the presence of wood-destroying organisms such as timber rot, which is a form of fungal decay that eats away at the cellulose within the wood.

Thermal Scanner

This innovative tool is essentially a thermal imager that can detect movement. It is an excellent tool for finding out where pests such as rodents or termites might be active, as they will create a thermal signature as they move around.


CCBI Brisbane Northside always uses a camera to take pictures of any damage found. It helps to provide an accurate and detailed report for the client.

Sound Meter

A sound meter is used to measure the noise levels in a property. It is helpful for both landlords and tenants, as it can help identify any potential problems with noise pollution that might not be obvious otherwise.

Laser Level

This tool ensures that all inspections are conducted accurately and to the correct measurements.

Magnifying Glass

It may seem like an essential tool, but it is handy for inspecting small areas for damage or pests.

Tape Measure

A tape measure is critical for accurate measurements, both during the inspection and in the report.

Common problems that inspectors experience


One of the most common problems that inspectors find is termite damage. Termites are a serious problem as they can eat away at the timber in a property, causing extensive damage.


Dampness is another common issue that inspectors find. It can be caused by many things, such as leaking pipes or roof damage, but it can also be caused by damp-proofing that is not being done correctly.


A roof inspection is a must, as it is one of the most commonly damaged areas of a property. A roof in poor condition can lead to leaks and other problems.


Electrical problems are another common issue that inspectors find. It can include faulty wiring, exposed wiring, and overloaded electrical circuits.

Timber Rot

Timber rot is another common termite that inspectors find. This damage looks like discoloration or warping of the timber around it, allowing easy identification.


These are just some of the many tools CCBI Brisbane Northside uses for its inspections. With such a wide range of tools at their disposal, they can detect any potential problems with a property quickly and efficiently. It allows them to provide a comprehensive report tailored to the client’s specific needs.