Two young women sitting on a floor near bed using a laptop at home. Black girl wearing eyeglasses and beige sweater, caucasian girl wearing plaid shirt. Girls preparing their homework.

Your dorm is a multipurpose room used for studying, socializing, sleeping, and entertainment. These are many activities that can leave you disorganized or without enough space. The room is big enough to accommodate everything fit for a student. All that you need is to upgrade it while focusing on improving your productivity. 

Some of the major things to consider are the wall colors, table, chair, and floor. The hangings you put on the wall matter and the entire room design. Deciding which designs to choose can be a challenge, but you don’t have to worry. These dorm room upgrading tips will help. 

Upgrade your study desk

Having an excellent dorm room is a great idea for a student. However, the room demands your time to keep it always presentable and enhance productivity. So your friends and colleagues will feel comfortable visiting and spending time with you. 

Nevertheless, you will still have to study effectively, and your teacher will still expect you to submit your paper in time because it is part of a college education. Of course, sometimes you can help yourself and pay for an essay at AssignmentBro and get any writing assistance that you need. Usually, online essay writing services offer affordable paper writing services to students worldwide. But mostly, you have to do all the homework by yourself, and your study desk will be a key furniture element for your study. 

Desk affects your productivity when studying, doing homework, or writing papers. The best study table should be about 26 to 30 inches high. Go for a chair that can be adjusted depending on your height. It should be comfortable enough. The desk should have drawers where you can lock your laptop and books after studying. 

Choose an excellent wall color

Some students may prefer to paint their dorm room walls, but this is not a must. You can buy wall decorating papers that turn your space into an attraction. One of the key tips for upgrading the interior for a student to remember is that not every color is best for study. The top study colors are orange, blue, and green. Orange helps with better focus and creativity and enhances concentration. Blue is best when your mind has a better mind flow or improves performance. Green is a good choice when you want to feel cheerful, refreshed, and restful. 

Make a good choice for lighting

Lighting is the other top tip for upgrading the interior of a student dorm room to consider. Some lights can be too bright and make a student feel dizzy sooner. Some other colors are too dull and can make you strain reading. The best-balanced study colors are white and blue. 

Buy LED lighting that looks cool to keep your mind awake and focused. Buy table or study desk lamps but choose the best styles with adjustable necks. You can also mount a few lamps on the wall, which will look great in your dorm room. Consider using pendant lighting for the ceiling when you are not studying. 

Spruce up the bed

Your dorm room bed attracts the attention of everyone that visits your room. People give more attention to the bed than anything else in the place. To make it more attractive, use a mattress topper and good-quality sheets. Use cotton or fleece blankets and choose fluffy pillows. 

Add a perfect rug to the floor

Rugs add beauty to not only your dorm room but also warmth. When it’s cold, especially at night, your feet can become cold. It is useful during winter because a dorm room might not have enough heating. A rug makes the room feel cozy and look comfortable, warm, and cohesive. Choose a rug that perfectly fits the room without spreading under the bed. 

Add quality furniture

Your dorm room could be bigger with more space to add furniture. One of the tips for upgrading the interior for a student to consider is adding some furniture. Consider bedside furniture such as a stand with drawers, a dresser, under-bed storage, or a sofa floor chair. You may add a small table in the middle of the room and a few chairs. Instead of your visitors sitting on your bed, let them sit on the chairs. 


Your dorm room can be used for multiple purposes. It is a bedroom, living room, study, and entertainment room. Depending on your space, you can upgrade your room to make it more comfortable. Spruce up your bed by buying a good mattress cover, sheets, and top cover. Add affordable but luxurious-looking furniture and add a soft rug. Decorate the walls with paint or use decorating paper. Choose blue to white lights to make study time the best.