If you’re looking for the best emergency plumber Burbank has to offer, chances are your pipes need a quick fix. Fortunately, emergency plumbers offer various services to care for your water-related concerns and others. They typically provide appropriate repairs and replacements for clogs and leaks, mainly if the problems cause flooding. While traditional plumbers can also provide such services, emergency plumbers can offer more.

Suppose you’re trying to know more about emergency plumbers. In that case, you may need to know the different ways these pros are better than the regular ones. This is an article to guide you on this matter. So, read on!

  1. They Provide Quick-Paced Services

Regular plumbers can also be reliable when it comes to repairing. However, they’re not typically designed to fix issues at a quicker pace. Because of this, many property owners seek the help of emergency plumbing companies. So, you may consider looking for an emergency plumber Burbank to help you with any plumbing trouble that needs an immediate fix.

In thinking about speedy emergency services, you may still need to consider the quality of the job. In other words, you need to choose a plumbing services company that balances speed and quality in their work.

  1. They Help You Save Time, Money, And Effort

With emergency plumbing services, you can save time, money, and effort because of the possibility of finishing the task on time or even earlier than expected. On the other hand, regular plumbers can do the same thing, albeit in a longer process.

In some cases, prolonged plumbing repairs and replacements often cost more, ranging from day-to-day to package repairs. Emergency plumbing services, in many cases, prevent this from happening.

  1. They Use Top-Of-The-Line Tools

Typically, emergency plumbers use different tools to fix leaks, remove clogs, and solve other pipe issues than regular plumbers. These tools are often made of industry-grade materials, such as steel, to avoid loose screws and bolts.

Here are some of the tools plumbers often use:

  • Wrenches

Plumbers use different wrenches, including adjustable, basin, and pipe types.

Basin wrenches are designed to tighten faucet nuts, and their long swiveling jaws enable them to reach the narrow spaces where plumbers work on nuts. On the other hand, adjustable wrenches can fit differently sized hardware, such as nuts, screws, and bolts. They can also clamp to replace showerheads and faucets because of their moving jaw. Meanwhile, pipe wrenche, are ideal for gripping and turning things with rounded surfaces.

  • Auger

This tool removes clogs in pipes that traditional plungers can’t work on nicely. In many cases, augers are hand-cranked with long metal portions used to break up clogs.

  • Hacksaw

This tool is designed for cutting plastic and metal pipes, as well as different types of hardware, such as nuts and screws.

  • Tongue And Groove Pliers

These multi-purpose tools are ideal for clamping, turning, loosening, and tightening pipes and hardware. These pliers often have a slip-joint design to easily clamp and detach.

  1. They Can Work On A Vast Array Of Plumbing Issues

Emergency plumbers often provide more services than regular plumbers. Here are some of the issues they tackle and the repairs they offer:

  • Broken Pipes

Broken pipes need quick repairs or replacement as they could trigger widespread flooding on a property. If pipes show major breakage, you may consider calling a 24/7 plumber to do the necessary repairs. In most cases, such plumbers can solve the issue in no time.

Plumbers may only use an adhesive or patch if a minor crack or a hole causes the leakage. If it’s the other way around, you may need an entire team of plumbers to fix the pipe and mitigate the effects of the flooding.

  • Sewer Line Blockage

Like in broken pipes, you may need to replace or fix the sewer lines if they’re blocked. You may start by shutting the main water valve before seeking the help of a 24/7 plumber.

  • Kitchen Plumbing

Aside from quick tap installation and similar tasks, emergency plumbers can also provide kitchen plumbing services to mount necessary fixtures. These pros can also remove clogs, run maintenance checks, and fix drains to avoid flooding and high water usage.

  • Repiping

This time-consuming yet valuable process allows for the repair and replacement of damaged portions of sewer pipes. This may also require trench excavation to facilitate easy and appropriate repiping.

  • Leaky Faucets

Emergency plumbers fix or replace the worn out parts and valve system, which cause leaky faucets. In most cases, they also improve the installation to prevent leaks in the future.

  • Leaking Water Heater

Emergency plumbers in Burbank can also solve issues regarding water heaters. These may cover drain valve issues, which may require tightening of nuts and pipes and parts replacements, if necessary.

  • Sewer System Backup

If you’re troubled with a sewer backup on your property, you may need an emergency plumber to drain the blockage. Some of the solutions to this issue are release pressure, plunger use, and chemical drain cleaning.

To give you further insights into the many issues emergency plumbers in Burbank cater to, you may watch this video: 

  1. They Prevent Large-Scale Damage

Reliable emergency plumbing doesn’t just provide instant repairs, but also offers preventive maintenance to a property’s plumbing system. Generally, it identifies early signs of damage that homeowners could avoid and address suitably. If ignored, these minor issues, such as pipe cracks and ill-fitting pipes, may escalate into rather costly and complicated repairs and replacements.

  1. They’re Available 24/7

One of emergency plumbing’s biggest features is its availability. You can’t call an emergency local plumber if it can’t provide instant services any time of the day. Generally, a plumbing company’s lines are open 24/7 and send services simultaneously.

Wrapping Up

Plumbing problems, such as burst pipes, leaks, and clogs, can happen anytime. When these occur, homeowners tend to do the repairs themselves because regular plumbers are subject to availability. In many cases, they can’t provide the appropriate solutions to the issues because of a lack of tools and experience. Fortunately, emergency plumbers in Burbank are available 24/7.

Suppose you’re planning to seek an emergency plumber anytime soon. Hopefully, this article has made it clear the different ways an emergency plumber is better than a regular plumber. Apart from this, you may also read blogs and watch videos on your local plumber’s website and social media pages to learn more about their services.