If you don’t know what tuckpointing is, it basically means making the mortar between your bricks look nice again. The most common reason to tuckpoint a home is due to external damage. When water gets into the joints, it will cause them to break and crumble into your walls. This creates an unsightly mess that can be quite distracting on the facade of your house. Another reason many people choose to have their homes tuckpointed is because it increases the overall value of it!

Here are 5 reasons that you may need to consider tuckpointing:

Failing Mortar

If the mortar on your house is beginning to fail, then you need to have your house tuckpointed, and quickly. This is because the mortar joints between bricks are legitimately what holds them together, and when the mortar begins to crumble and fall from these joints, the structure begins to weaken. Tuckpointing when this begins to happen is crucial.

Years Without Tuckpointing

A brick wall can be a beautiful addition to your home, but if it’s not properly maintained, even a gorgeous brick wall can turn into an eyesore. Tuckpointing is a great way to keep your brick in good shape for many years to come. The process involves removing loose mortar from where the ends of the bricks meet and applying new mortar over it.

Brick Cracking

Brick is one of the most long-lasting and beautiful materials you can use for exterior walls. Uneven or cracked brick work aren’t just ugly, they also can cause your building to have leaks in the walls and roof that lead to water damage. In most cases, you will need a professional tuckpointing contractor to handle this project properly.

You’ve Found a Puddle in Your Basement

If you notice a puddle or water damage behind your walls, then it’s likely that your bricks are starting to show signs of deterioration. The most common cause is moisture traveling through your joints and bubbling up at the surface. To fix this issue, your contractor may need to tuckpoint your brick.

Increasing the Value of Your Home

If you’re looking to sell the home you have, tuckpointing can help add value to your property. Tuckpointing is a more affordable way to increase the value of your home by restoring it to a more appealing look and feel then when it was first built. The investment provides lasting beauty, durability, and protection from water damage.