Having windows allows you to invite plenty of light to come inside your home. However, it might not encourage as much privacy as how you’d want to, especially if you’re living in a busy area. To maximize your home’s privacy, you should use window treatment, which you can usually choose between having curtains or blinds.

While using a curtain is a popular choice, going for Roller Blinds provides a longer lifespan while also helping to lift your home’s appearance better. But even with their firm structure, you need to do proper care and maintenance to maximize its lifespan.

Below are some ways to maintain your roller blinds at home properly:

Roll Down The Blinds

To clean and maintain your blinds properly, you need to ensure that you fully roll down your entire blinds. You won’t be able to clean them properly if they’re still rolled up or halfway down. Rolling them down will help you clean all the sides and spots of the blinds, making sure that there’s no spot left uncleaned. Accumulated dirt and dust will be easy to remove if you can see them once you clean your blinds.

Another reason why you should pull down your blinds is to avoid discoloring, especially when you’re just cleaning the other half of your blinds. This can result in an uneven shade, which may not be attractive for your interiors.

Use Vacuum Cleaner

You can start removing the dirt on your roller blinds by using a vacuum cleaner. You can add attachments to your vacuum to ensure that you can reach all the spots on your blinds. You may also use your vacuum brush to clean them thoroughly, ensuring that no dirt and dust can escape. Vacuuming your blinds first before wiping them can help you save time cleaning, especially when you start wiping them since most of the dirt and dust have already been removed. It’s harder to clean your blinds when you tap them first since the dirt and dust might get wet and leave more stains.

Use A Damp Cloth

When cleaning your roller blinds, make sure to use a damp cloth. You don’t want your blinds to get so wet when you start cleaning them. The roller blinds’ material isn’t water absorbent, so using a soaked cloth will make it harder for them to dry. A damp cloth is usually used since you can wipe your blinds and let them air dry.

Ideally, you should take time to wipe your roller blinds clean every day, right before hitting the hay. This will prevent any accumulation of dirt, keeping it in its best shape for as long as possible.

Remove Molds

Unfortunately, molds can still form in between your roller blinds, especially if you’re living in a humid environment. To get rid of molds, you should begin using a soft brush or vacuum to remove any dry molds. After successfully removing them, you should now start applying a mild solution that can get rid of them thoroughly and hopefully prevent them from coming back. You create your mild solution or purchase one on the market.

As you remove the mold, try to keep them from coming back by using a dehumidifier and ensuring proper ventilation inside the room. You can do this by opening your windows during the day or cooking outside. Mold strives in a damp environment. So, keeping them away might be your best solution.

Mix A Cleaning Solution

You can mix a solution that you’ll use for cleaning your blinds. This can help you remove the unnecessary dirt and dust accumulating on your blinds. This solution can also help in eliminating unwanted mold from your roller blinds. Add the solution to a piece of cloth and start cleaning your blinds.

  • Dishwashing Detergent and Lukewarm Water

For the general purpose of cleaning your blinds, you may combine dishwashing detergent and lukewarm water. Just make sure that this will be rinsed off totally once you’re done washing your roller blinds.

  • Water, Lemon Juice, and Salt

This solution is helpful for roller blinds that are light in color. Remember to avoid adding bleach together with this solution, as it could affect its color and quality. Mix the water, lemon juice, and salt in a bowl, then damp a piece of cloth and start gently wiping the dirt off your roller blinds.

Remove The Roller Blinds

When so much dirt has accumulated on your blinds, you want to deep clean them. To do this, remove your blinds from their sockets and hinges. This will allow you to transfer your blinds to a more accessible cleaning location, allowing you to keep specks of dust away from your room, which might require a bigger cleaning day.

Use A Bathtub

You may place your blinds in a bathtub after removing them from their socket and hinges. Fill your tub with lukewarm water dishwashing detergent, the same cleaning solution that you use to clean them regularly. This works on every color of blinds, but if you’re cleaning white-colored roller blinds, it’s better to add bleach to your water to maintain their whiteness.

  • Remove The Stains

You may use a small brush such as a toothbrush or a nail brush to clean more minor stains, while you may use a larger brush to clean bigger stains. This allows you to clean only a specific spot on your blinds that has the stain. This also allows you to maintain the quality of your blinds since you’re only scrubbing the affected part.

  • Rinse

Rinse the stains after scrubbing them out. You can use a hose or your shower head for this one. For you to know that you’re done rinsing the stains and dirt, you should be able to see that all the soap from the solution has been rinsed off. You can also check if you’ve successfully removed the stains. You need to make sure that you rinse off all of them since these can increase the chance of attracting more dirt once you use your blinds again.

  • Air Dry

Once you clean and remove all the dirt from your blinds, you may hang them on your clothesline to let them air dry. Ensure that your blinds are dry before you hang them and use them again indoors.


Maintaining your roller blinds at home requires a strict cleaning service, wherein you’ll do some preventive maintenance as much as you can. While the cleaning process might be a bit of a hassle, it’ll allow your roller blinds to stay in their best shape while also giving off the color as you’ve originally bought them. It’ll make your house look fresher as they’re greatly visible inside the room.