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We start businesses for various reasons, one of the reasons is as a means of generating income for our day to day subsistence. The other reason is that maybe one is tired of the employment hustle, they crave independence. People are tired of working under constant supervision, or maybe they are retirees or people chasing their passions.

For whatever reason it is you started the business, know that it takes dedication and maintenance of a high level of discipline for a business to succeed. A business requires customers to make profits and keep the business running. This article focuses on how to retain your customers and attract more and get your business flourishing.

Maintain High Quality Standards

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A business that offers stellar services is guaranteed to attract more customers. A restaurant should serve their clients with the best cuisine, a mechanic should similarly strive to satisfy his/her clients. Whatever business you are involved in, give your clients the best service you can offer.

Stellar services will get you the first lot of customers, most businesspeople get comfortable after this. They become lazy and start offering substandard services and end up losing customers. To retain your loyal customers and even attract more, maintain the same standards of goods and services that you were offering initially before your business got on its feet. Qualtrics offers some useful information about product positioning and how this helps with the marketing and sales process.

Diversify Your Business

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Offering a wide range of services and goods will also help you keep your loyal customers and get many more. The services should be nearly similar in nature, a massage business could go hand in hand with a beauty care business e.g salons and barbershops. 

Restaurants generate more profits when coupled together with lodging facilities, it is essentially a proven fact that diversifying will increase your profits. Diversifying should not result in lowering the quality of services, plan accordingly in order to accommodate the changes that would surely come after diversifying.

Discounts And Giveaways

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Giving discounts and giveaways to your customers will also help you retain your loyal customers and keep a steady stream of incoming new ones. These discounts are suitable for regular,loyal customers. It is a show of appreciation as they keep the business going. The customers are likely to spread word about the discounts and get you more customers.

The discounts and giveaways should just be enough not to hurt your business financially. Include the discounts and giveaways in your financial plans to avoid enduring losses. Be strategic when carrying out these promotions, the services and goods should be of smaller quantities or lower costs.

Offer Additional Services

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Offering accompanying services is a great way to retain and increase customers, these services can be of a wide range. For example delivery services, businesses have managed to rack up a lot of profits during the pandemic due to it. Redesign your family vehicle to a delivery vehicle to enable you deliver the goods to clients at an extra cost.

It is advantageous as your profits increase and the customers will increase due to promotion by word of mouth. You will incur expenses as the goods should also be packaged before delivery. Use seal bags and pouch paper bags designed by a pre-made pouch filling machine for packaging.

Social Media

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About three billion people have access to the internet, and most of them are at least on one Social media platform. This makes Social media the largest potential market, Social media is the biggest avenue for promotion of businesses. Open a page for your business, its catalogue and the prices, this will then be available to many people.

It’s the age of technology and these days a whole business transaction can be carried out online. From placing orders to delivery, the process is done online reducing the need and cost for physical shops. Open social media accounts for all your businesses and the rest will follow.


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Expanding your business will also result in retaining your customers and attracting new ones. Expansion is no little matter, you require a lot of finances. A larger establishment, more equipment are among the costs you will have to consider. So ensure your business is doing well before even considering expanding.

If you are logistically able to expand, then your clientele will surely increase as you will be producing more goods. Expansion will also enable you to dictate the market prices as you will be the one flocking the market. Observe the labor regulations in your jurisdiction so that you do not end up exploiting customers while pursuing profits. Expansion includes increase in the product range.


Keeping a business afloat is not an easy task, it requires dedication and discipline for the business to succeed. This is the reason why highly successful businesses are far and in between. Successful business establishments required utmost dedication. This article is a guide on the ways small business owners can increase their profits by retaining their loyal customers and snatching new ones from the huge market pool.

Business owners need to have a wider vision for their businesses, the business should not be barely operational. It should generate returns enough for the owner and possible staff to live beyond their means and not hand to mouth. The listed ways will result in this.