Many industries and businesses have various equipment that runs on electricity and industrial batteries. Some are long-lasting but need replacement, while others are rechargeable. Since industrial equipment is expensive and crucial in business operations, it is necessary to have a backup power supply. While authorities announce some power outages, there could be instances of a sudden power cut. It is also important to have a power supply backup to prevent operation stoppage during intense storms, cyclones, severe snowstorms, and hurricanes.

Why you need a power backup

Even if it is expensive, organizations should invest in power backup, which can prevent production loss should there be a power failure. While power outages are rare in industrialized countries, business owners should still think about having power supply backup. The power outage may last a short time, but owners should consider its significant effect on their operations. It could mean equipment damage, data loss, or financial loss.

A backup power supply provides organizations with a cost-effective and reliable way to temper the risk of economic losses due to electric power disruptions. The losses affect all businesses but more so for organizations with sensitive loads, such as medical institutions and healthcare facilities, financial organizations, emergency call centers, data centers, gas stations, and cell tower sites.

Here are more reasons why investing in power supply backup is vital.

  1. Prevent financial losses

The business world is highly competitive, and even a few minutes of downtime can incur heavy losses. It can affect client communication or delay production. A power outage can also affect the customer support system. Backup batteries can quickly engage should there be a power outage. 

  1. Equipment damage 

Industrial equipment is costly, and a sudden power cut-off can damage sensitive equipment. Business owners should anticipate the cost of repair if the company experiences power cuts. The time and money wasted while fixing damaged equipment may be more than the price of investing in industrial battery backup. The damage could be more severe for life-saving medical equipment that should not stop operating even for one second.

  1. Loss of data

A sudden power cut-off can cause huge data loss. For example, the cut-off can happen during an online financial transaction. As a result, the business can lose confidential information or cause errors in the transaction, leading to financial loss for the business, the customer, or both. 

Benefits of an industrial battery backup

  • Most industrial battery backups today use lithium-ion, which lasts longer than other batteries. Although expensive, one lithium-ion industrial battery is five times more powerful than five ordinary batteries, making it very cost-efficient. 
  • Lithium-ion batteries are reliable and efficient. They can generate power even if the charge is low. Further, the battery performs for a long time. They are low-maintenance and can be used immediately when needed. Moreover, lithium-ion batteries can perform efficiently in extremely hot or cold climates. 

Businesses need to ensure uninterrupted operation; therefore, they should invest in a backup power supply to mitigate the disastrous effects of power cut-offs. New supplemental power systems provide power without any interruption. It works like a laptop battery, where the supply immediately comes from the battery without any power loss.