Commercial roofing companies can be invaluable for almost any business, but they are also quite a vague service if you are not used to using them. Many business owners do not initially fully understand what they offer or why they are different from normal roofing companies besides the name.

If you think you are going to need commercial roofing support, then it is important to know what that actually entails. Here is a quick breakdown of the services offered by most commercial roofing services throughout the US.

General Services

When you go to hire commercial roofing services, you are going to need to know what you are getting into. Thankfully, their general services are the same as any residential roofing company, only scaled up to work with the larger premises that most businesses rely on.

Most commercial roofing services offer a full suite of roofing materials for new roof installations. This includes shingles, metal roofing, and composite roofing. Whether you need minor repairs on your existing roof or a complete overhaul of all roofing materials, a commercial roofing service can take care of that.


In many cases, businesses can still use the roof for a certain period of time, even if it is not fully repaired. However, many different factors can occur with commercial roofs that will require repairs to be made. Even if a roof looks entirely normal, there can be major damage that is not visible.

If the roof is a bit old or very outdated, you will need to make repairs to avoid leaks or roof damage. Most repair services can do temporary work for roof restoration, or they can do more permanent restoration work. Commercial roofing services are specifically equipped to work on commercial buildings that may need faster, larger-scale work done to their roofing.


A commercial roofing service company can handle virtually all of your roofing maintenance services, including regular checks, repairs, and even complete reconstructions of parts of your roof. You could receive routine and regular maintenance services for your roof on a regular basis, or you might be offered a more on-demand service to take care of any major issues that crop up.

Maintenance is not necessarily the most urgent service, but it can be the most important. You are relying on your roof to help keep your business cool, comfortable, and safe. Without constant, reliable maintenance, your premises can quickly start to suffer water damage, drive customers away, or just become more expensive to manage.

Fast Service

Most commercial roofing companies focus on serving their local area. For example, commercial roofing services in Phoenix will generally revolve around Phoenix commercial roofing, meaning that they can reach their customers faster and provide more direct, locally-focused services as a whole.

Choosing a local commercial roofing services company ensures that you can get the work done a lot faster, which can matter a lot when it comes to commercial businesses. Every day your business has to stay closed due to water damage or slow repairs is another day you are not operating properly, which can really eat into your company’s long-term viability.