Concrete is a popular material in many properties across the country. Although you might search for a one-size-fits-all solution to cleaning your concrete floor, it is more complicated. In fact, concrete cleaners and methods can vary significantly according to the type of finish on the concrete. 

The good news is concrete floor maintenance services in Miami, FL, can save you a lot of energy, time, and money in the long run. Here is how professionals clean concrete floors and restore them to their former selves.

Common Methods Professionals Use to Clean Concrete Floors

When cleaning your concrete floors, never use bleach, ammonia, or other highly acidic substances. If cleaned incorrectly, they may cause damage to your concrete floors. Professionals generally use liquid detergent, castile soap, stone cleaners, and mild floor cleaners. Pressure cleaning is another method to make the exterior of your house look brand new and sparkling clean. 

Professional cleaning services have extensive knowledge and experience with cleaning concrete floors. Moreover, they have undergone training with equipment and have a deep understanding of the correct settings and temperatures to use. That is why it is recommended to use a professional pressure cleaning service instead of trying to do it yourself. 

You must understand that only some types of cleaners need soap and water. Using them on the wrong surface may leave an unpleasant residue that is challenging to remove. The most effective way to remove deep-seated stains and grime is to use a pressure or power washer. It would be best to have a floor machine cleaner or scrubber to loosen up all the dirt and debris. Moreover, you may need powerful suction machinery to vacuum the dirt, grime, and water.

That is where professional cleaners step in. They use a top-of-the-line cleaning rig, which can be suited for both residential and commercial use. Professional cleaners know precisely which surfaces to use water and soap and which to avoid. 

You may achieve good results with a concrete cleaner, a garden hose, and a brush. However, a professional service can pressure wash your concrete floors in half the time with excellent results. They use chemicals such as trisodium phosphate to clean concrete floors if you have mildew stains. They apply it to the stained concrete area and scrub it using a stiff brush.

The Importance of Cleaning Concrete Floors Using Professional Cleaners

Cleaning your concrete floors is essential to keep them in excellent condition for years to come. Moreover, cleaning and polishing will protect them from dirt and grime and retain their shine. However, before you clean your concrete floor yourself, it is best to seek professional advice on what type of cleaners you should consider using. 

You may need to use a fair amount of elbow grease and a large chunk of your day to clean concrete floors thoroughly. But entrusting your concrete floors and surfaces to professional cleaners means you can spend your time and energy on work, rest, or with your family.