So much planning goes into laying the foundation for any room and for choosing the desired color scheme and decorating plan. When it’s all done, and your walls and your room are prepared, it can be tricky to work out which finishing pieces to include, where to place them and how to make sure that your room looks complete. Finishing and dressing a room is the ideal time to let your personality shine through. Complement your chosen décor by choosing pieces which are most important to you that  will allow you to feel your most content when spending time in your home.

1. Window Treatment

A room can look extremely bare if the windows are not finished or dressed. How you decide to dress your windows will make a huge difference to the room as a whole, as it will determine the layering of your room, as well as let in a certain amount of natural light.

Choose between blinds and curtains, or a mixture of both. Opt for as much natural light as possible, for a healthy and illuminated room. For barer walls, try patterned fabrics or if you’re minimalist, go for plain wood.

2. Soft Furnishings

Layering with soft furnishings is key to coziness and comfort within a room. Think about decorative pillows and throws, which can add warmth and texture to your couches and armchairs.

3. Plants or Flowers

Plants and flowers can serve to hugely complement a color scheme, or contrast it. Colorful flowers can be eye-catching for plainer rooms, or softer, plainer flowers and plants can serve to freshen or brighten darker color schemes. Not only that, but houseplants are great for a healthy and happy home.

4. Lighting

Lighting is crucial for any room. A focal lighting piece, especially, can turn bare bulbs into pieces of art. Think about all your lighting choices, such as a feature piece like a chandelier, or simple lamp placements to illuminate every corner of your room. Top brands like Artcraft Lighting offer the best selection of lighting for every room of your home.

5. Rugs

Rugs add color, warmth, and character to any floor, whether wood, laminate, or carpet. Various patterns and colors help contrast or lighten up darker flooring and also serve to centralize a sitting area when placed under a coffee table.

6. Mantelpiece or Shelf Dressing

If you have a fireplace with a mantel or shelves fitted in the room, then you need to style them for full effect. Think of bordering options, like candlesticks or bookends, and arrange any accessories along shelving to create visual balance. Even minimalist shelves benefit from one or two key pieces to look complete.

7. Artwork

Adding artwork is a great way to enhance personality in any room, to invoke certain emotions, and to accent a newly-decorated or otherwise sparse wall. Artwork can be incorporated with a few simple pieces, or you can opt for a focal, eye-catching piece.