Hot tubs are extremely popular among all age groups. They can ease your stress, remove all the tiredness of the day. 

But to have the best hot tub experience, you need to prepare some things. They will help you while you are enjoying your time and make you feel completely refreshed when you come out of the tub. 

The Health Benefits Of Hot Tubs

Why should you spend time in the hot tub? Well, primarily because relaxing in the warm water of the hot tub has plenty of health benefits. The most obvious benefit of the hot tub is the soothing effect of the warm water. 

The warm water relaxes the blood vessel and allows better blood circulation. This helps relax the tight and tensed up muscles of your body.

A study by PubMed Central shows that body heating due to warm water may help people suffer from insomnia. The study showed that spending some time in the hot tub before going to bed helps with deeper sleep.

Another study by PubMed Central revealed that spending some time in the hot tub also helps with Fibromyalgia. The warm, soothing effect of the water eases the nerve and pressure points, thus reducing Fibromyalgia symptoms.

Things To Consider While Choosing A Hot Tub

If you do not have a hot tub and are eager to buy one, you need to look out for a few things. If you are going to buy a hot tub, you need to focus on three things: the budget, the size, and the purpose of the hot tub.

If you are on a tight budget, then there is no point in buying a large tub. There are some good quality hot tubs at low prices, which are also durable. While buying, be sure to focus on quality as well. 

Because even though it might cost a bit more, it will save maintenance money over the hot tub’s lifetime.

Now for the purpose. If you want to use the hot tub for yourself to relax after an intense workout, buy a smaller tub that can fit about two to three people. If you want to use the tub for recreation and gathering, you need to spend extra money to buy a large seater hot tub.

Lastly, you should definitely add some hot tub accessories like Bluetooth speakers, lights, and floating drink holders to your list for a complete hot tub experience.

Now, here are the things that you need to ensure to enjoy quality time in your hot tub-

1. The Electrical Requirement

The electric requirements vary from model to model. So you need to contact your dealer to get a good idea about the electrical requirements. 

If you do not fulfill the right electrical requirements, the hot tub will not function properly. The water might not get warm enough, and you will not enjoy your time in the hot tub.

For instance, some tubs run on 110V, and others run on 220V of electricity.

2. Setting The Right Temperature

To have a good time, you also need to ensure that the hot tub’s water is at the right temperature. . Water that is not warm enough will not be soothing enough. On the other hand, water that is too warm will irritate your skin. However, the comfortable water temperature varies from person to person. 

This is why you need to slowly warm the water and dip your hand into it now and then. If you feel that the water is warm enough, you can prepare yourself for a relaxing time.

3. The Location Of The Hot Tub

The location of the hot tub also matters. The room must have dim lights, and the surface needs to be flat. Bright light might not let your eyes relax. 

It is best to put the hot tub in a place where you can view the outside and the sky.. If you want to put your tub outside, you can try setting up a garden hot tub.

4. Use Exhaust Fans For Non-water Resistant Rooms

While using the hot tub, there will be a lot of steam and water vapor. They can harm the walls of your room if they are not moisture or water-resistant. 

If your wall is not made of glass, concrete, and rot-resistant wood like cedar, then it might get damaged from the excess humidity. So use an exhaust fan to remove the excess humidity and prevent your wall from getting damp and wet.

5. Refreshments Near The Hot Tub

You can increase your relaxing time with some refreshments near you. A salad, some fruit juice can be a great refreshment choice. They help detoxify your body, and the whole hot tub experience will be intensified.

We recommend getting icy cold sparkling water or iced tea in summer for your refreshment.

6. How Much Time To Spend In The Hot Tub

If you stay for too long, your body will have wet wrinkles, and extended exposure to heat can harm your body. If you get up too early, then your body will not be relaxed enough.

So, the optimal length of time to be in a hot tub is about 20 minutes. 20 minutes is enough for your body to be relaxed.

7. Having The Right Chemicals For More People

Normally, you do not need this if you are in the hot tub alone. But if there are multiple people, then you need to add chemicals to your hot tub water. This is to make sure that the microbes and germs from other people’s bodies do not spread in the water. 

The chemicals will kill the bacteria and any other harmful microorganisms. For starters, you can buy chemicals that adjust pH, defoamers for foamy water caused by body oil, shocking agents to release oxygen and chlorine to help kill germs.

Final Thoughts

Hot tubs can be an amazing object if you want to relax in the warm water after a long and tiring day. But you also need to create the perfect environment, which will help you enjoy every second of being in the hot tub. Follow the techniques shown in this article, and you are guaranteed to have an amazing hot tub experience to refresh your body and mind.