The Scandinavian style combines simplicity and elegance, national color and timeless classic. Therefore, from an ethnic style, it quickly turned into a classic room design beloved in many countries. Scandinavian-styled doors look as casual as the whole interior.

What is the Scandinavian Style

The Scandinavian style of the interior is not orotund and tortuous. It represents all traits of northern peoples: calmness and carefulness, respect for nature and love for their home.

The Scandinavian interior follows the general rule: graceful aesthetics combined with natural beauty.

The decoration of a kitchen, living room or a bedroom, furniture, windows or front doors — everything is aligned with the general design of the interior and does not have any tortuousness.

Why Is Scandinavian Style So Popular?

The Scandinavian style of the interior attracts not only with its simplicity but also with its functionality.

In a cold climate and a lack of daylight, a light interior fills the room with shine, warmth and comfort.

The Scandinavian style visually expands small rooms.

And in large rooms, wide window openings and doorways help create the necessary Nordic style.

Main Features of the Scandinavian Style

The Nordic style has its own features, colors, materials and designs.

At the same time, doors should not be out of the general interior.

The main Scandinavian colors include light cold shades: from white and milky to light gray and sky blue.

The main color is complemented by shades of natural materials such as stone, wood, glass. A traditional choice is a white door that matches the color of the floor and walls.

The ornamental side is often emphasized by furniture or fabrics. However, some Scandinavians use a front door of contrast color in their interior. Red, green and blue looks good with cold and light colors.

Windows are also of no small importance. They are usually large with a minimum of partitions. To decorate them with curtains is not the Scandinavians’ favorite work, too. And if so, then the windows are always in sight and should fully correspond to the interior. Their color should be aligned with the door color. And this is another advantage of white.

In the Scandinavian style, interior features have to be made of natural materials that can be used both in the design of the leaf itself and in the decoration of the doorway. Natural materials include:

  • wood;
  • stone;
  • glass.

Now more about doors.

The Scandinavian Style: Interior and Front Doors

When choosing doors, make light shades your first choice because it is them that are the basis of the Scandinavian style.

It can be a pure white color or its various shades: they can make your interior more comfortable, warm and sophisticated.

White Doors

The most popular and favored door color is white. It is versatile: you can use the white Scandinavian-styled doors not only for Scandinavian-styled interiors but also for other styles.

White color is versatile, therefore, when installing the door, you do not have to wrestle with how to combine it with the shades of walls and floors as you would have to do with colored doors.

Other advantages of white doors:

  • Visually expand the space.
  • Suitable for various premises: they look equally good in the living room, kitchen and office.
  • Hide dust and fingerprints.

Scandinavian-Styled Door Decoration

Besides the color, it is important to pay attention to decoration.

Wavy or curved lines, a lot of decorative features, glass with patterns and fancy shapes are not peculiar to the Scandinavian style.

The maximum enrichment on the door is a volumetric panel. It can be a glazed door but not all glass will work: matte glass is more preferable, it should not have inserts or patterns.

Double Doors

One of the principles of making a room Scandinavian-styled is space and light. Doors play an important role here. If the room is large enough, then make double doors your first choice: they will expand your space and make the room brighter.

Scandinavian Door Material

People from Nordic countries prefer, of course, doors from natural wood. If you are able to purchase just such, then go for it. The wood of such species as ash, birch or pine, advantageously emphasizes the interior naturalness.

But the matter of material is still not as important as color and decoration.

Today the market offers you a large number of affordable artificial wood analogs.

Therefore, you can choose low-budget options. They are PVC or veneer doors.

Connecting doors in the Scandinavian style can be made entirely of solid wood. The front door is often made of a metal sheet cased with wood. Such a design is more reliable, lives longer and has good heat and noise insulation.

Scandinavian doors are not only boring sole-coloured models. Their design can vary from folding or glazed lattice doors to long sliding pocket doors. The last option is suitable for rooms where there is a large entrance hall, living room or other room.

The most important thing is to make the door leaf as even geometrically as possible.

Restrained design and simple geometric shapes also apply to the furniture.