Rearranging your furniture can be a challenging task. After all, making the room look aesthetically pleasing is not easy. But there is nothing to worry about. There are some interior designers who have discovered a number of really simple steps that can help you give your home a unique touch. All you have to do is follow some of the following principles and you will be on your way to rearranging your furniture to perfection. 

#1. Select A Focal Point

Selecting a focal point is really important but some people don’t give it the importance it deserves. You see, this is the area where you have to place your furniture. If you succeed in making this spot as pleasant as possible, the more pleasing your home will look. Oftentimes, the focal point appears naturally. For instance, there could be a built-in fireplace mantel or a prominent window. If in case there is no focal point then you can create it yourself with televisions and media units. Remember to stick with your focal point, and arrange furniture around it. 

#2. Avoid Pushing Furniture Against the Walls

Don’t even think about pushing furniture against the walls. Why? Well, simply because it wouldn’t give an affable vibe that you are after. You should always ensure breathing space between the walls and the furniture pieces. If you have a bigger room then doing this shouldn’t be a problem for you. On the contrary, if you have a smaller room then try to leave as much space as possible. 

#3. Create Conversation Areas

Now people often get confused when thinking about where to place their chairs and sofas. Well, the key is to place them in such a way that can allow individuals to communicate without any hassle. Hence, focus on creating conversation areas. Your sofas and chairs shall be placed to face each other. But not necessarily straight on. You can get creative with it. If you have a large room then you should try making as many conversation areas as possible. 

#4. Mind the Traffic Flow

When you are rearranging the furniture, you should mind the flow of traffic. What this means is that there should be enough room for people to walk. If you don’t pay heed to this point then there are chances that people will trip over the furniture and will find it hard to pass through the room. You should ideally consider leaving a space of two feet at least between the coffee table and sofa. 

#5. Take Care of the Lighting

Lighting is without a doubt one of the most crucial elements of the room but oddly enough, people don’t care about it. To make your room look good and lit, make sure to use a mix of floor lamps, overhead lighting, and table lamps. A floor lamp will look ideal when you place it at the end of the table. While you can consider putting the table lamps on side tables, mantels, and shelves. Keep in mind that the lighting is placed at different levels so that it could create a perfect balance between the various fixtures that you have thoughtfully spread throughout the room. 

#6. The Size of the Rugs Should Be Just Right

You should consider getting a rug for your home and place it under the furniture. However, do remember that they should be of the right size. If you have a rug that leaves some flooring around the edges exposed then it is fine. Just make sure that you invest in a rug that can let the furniture easily rest on it.

#7. Put the Table at An Arm’s Rest

Having a table in a seating or conversation area is a must. And while you are buying a table, make sure it is long enough so that everyone can have easy access to its sides. You also have to be mindful of the height of the table. If you are buying a side table then make sure that it is of the same height as the nearby chair arms. And for coffee tables, make sure that the height is more or less equal to the height of sofas or chairs.


Sometimes rearranging your furniture can give your house a whole new makeover. But if you are buying new pieces of furniture, then it is best recommended to plan ahead of time. While decorating your home, you can consider using the help of an online floor planner which will help you figure out how your place will look after you are done assigning spots to your furniture. However, for such a tool to work, you will be needing a decent internet connection. I was lucky enough to find Spectrum Internet deals which helped me fulfill my internet needs. You too can search for a decent ISP if you often have troubles with your connection. And also, do consider the above-mentioned tips if you ever feel the need of rearranging your furniture.