If your cabin kitchen needs a revamp, there are multiple ways to do it. No matter what your style might be, you should be able to find a large variety of kitchen cabinets to suit your style. Here are the top 10 kitchen cabinet styles for cabins for you to choose from


Country-style cabinets offer a more timeless and cozy type vibe to the kitchen. For country style cabinets, wood is the most popular choice, but many also add color to the wood, such as mint green, cream, blue, or butter yellow for a more dramatic look. You can also choose from different decorative detailing such as wire, think glass, and others.


Rustic style cabinets make use of large-sized cabinets in dark and warm colors with minute detailing done on them. Rather than giving them glossy finishes, these are left as they are to provide the authentic feeling of wood. Mostly, wrought iron or rubbed-brass accessories are used with these types of cabinets.


These are among the most common styles of cabinets for cabins. These have more detailing and can be bought in many different colors, including cream, white, red, tan, and other wood shades. In these, you will be able to see the frame around the doors of the cabinets.


Contemporary cabinets come with sleek and clean hardware to give your kitchen an unfussy look. These work great if you have a small kitchen and want to make it appear bigger than it is. Since there are no moldings, these offer more storage space than other types of cabinets. You can pick contemporary style cabinets in different materials such as wood, manufactured wood, concrete, metal, and others.

Glass Front

These types of cabinets are made of wood and then matched with glass-front doors that make them a focal point of the entire kitchen. These are generally used as upper cabinets and are a great way to showcase your collection of bowls, glassware, and others. Many even use illuminating lightings to these cabinets.


Craftsman style cabinets are recognized as the use of straight lines in the design. These come in minimalist design or accessories and are made of heavy woods like maple, hickory, oak, or cherry. You will find craftsman style cabinets made of wood itself as they are not painted over.


Louvered style cabinets are most common in kitchen islands but are becoming famous for kitchen cabinets as well. These are made of slabs of wood that are often seen in wooden furniture. There is space between each of these slabs that makes them perfect in places that need a little ventilation.

Open Shelving

Even though open shelves are not exactly cabinets; they are a great way to add space to your kitchen. But, you should only opt for it even if you are organized and can keep your kitchen tidy. You can add these to your cooking area so that you can easily have access to commonly-used utensils or spices.

When choosing the kitchen cabinets, make sure not to lose the vintage appeal of the cabin and still give it a trendy and stylish look. These kitchen design ideas will surely change the ambiance of the entire cabin so that you can spend more time cooking food with your loved ones.