Tents, sleeping bags, food, and drinks are camping essentials that tend to be at the top of your list for a camping trip. However, there are other things that you often don’t remember to pack, which could make your excursion a lot more fun.

Once you’re through with this article, you’ll be sure to pack these eight things the next time you go camping, while your friends may not even think about taking them along.

1. Dishwashing Tubs

Of course, there will be dishes to wash, but have you ever thought about how exactly you’re going to wash them? We have the answer. Take two stackable tubs, one with holes drilled in the base.
Dishwashing Tubs
Stack the tubs with the perforated one on the top, pour in the dishwashing liquid and leave the utensils in there for a few minutes. Next, remove the straining tub and rinse the dishes.

This is a highly efficient and sustainable method, considering you don’t need new liquid every time there’s another round of dishes to wash. There, good as new in no time! Genius, isn’t it? Well, yes, it is.

2. Clothesline and Pins

It’s hard to keep yourself dry while enjoying the outdoors, and no one wants to stand in the corner while the others take on each other in a water fight.

Cheap clotheslines are available for you to attach from tree to tree and set up a movable launderer’s corner, while the pins keep the clothes from flying away.

Camping clotheslines with in-built clothespins can be bought from Amazon at affordable rates.

3. Plastic tablecloth

This is one of the handiest things you’ll find yourself using on any camping trip. White and pink checkered, plastic tablecloths are the perfect solution for the old, dirty and worn out picnic tables you use for food, giving you a clean surface to place your meal on and effectively hiding those nasty patches of dirt that may ruin your appetite the moment you look at them.

Moreover, they prevent the food from slipping off the table and falling victim to the hounds that are eager to become your guests. Amazon offers plastic tablecloths with clamps to attach them to the table and keep them from floating away.

4. Cutting Board and Freezer

If you’re going to cook, you’ll undoubtedly need the proper kitchen equipment. A knife alone won’t do you any good if you don’t have a rigid, flat and stable surface to cut your vegetables on.
Cutting Board and Freezer
Therefore, add a cutting board to your list and enjoy the perfect cuisine without having to use makeshift cutting boards. Additionally, you can take a portable freezer to make food storage easier while you are out in the wild.

5. French Press Coffee Maker

If you’re a regular coffee drinker and love camping just as much, this is just the product for you. A French press does not require electricity and disposable filters.

These are made of glass and could break easily, but Amazon offers the perfectly convenient, stainless steel coffee makers that help brew your coffee in a flash. Get one as soon as possible and never miss out on a steaming hot cup of coffee again!

6. Paper towels with contraptions

Paper towels can be used for all sorts of cleanup purposes, whether it’s drying the wet dishes or wiping food stains off the tablecloth. Rolls are unpredictable, blowing away with a gush of wind or accidentally falling on the ground and unfurling.

What a hassle that is. Keep the paper towels safe and accessible with useful contraptions. A rod put through two holes in the walls of a cardboard box is an easy, handmade contraption that will keep your paper towels safe from the rain and wind, and will prevent over usage as you can simply tear apart the required amount of towels.

7. Bug Spray and Sunscreen

You can kick out bugs in case they invade your home, but can you blame them for perching on your nose every five seconds in an open forest? Not really, considering it’s their territory.
Bug Spray and Sunscreen
However, you do want to catch a good few hours of your beauty sleep before the Sun comes up. A few doses of bug spray should keep them out of your tent and let you sleep peacefully.

In addition to this, there are common cases of campers getting skin cancer due to their skin being unprotected and exposed to the searing ultraviolet rays of the Sun.

A sunscreen may come in handy if you want to enjoy a nice game of badminton on a sunny day, or simply wish to take a walk and take in the warm, summer breeze.

8. Extra supply of Propane

You never know when your fuel supply may run out, and no one can survive an entire week on fruits and uncooked vegetables. Besides, where’s the fun in that? If you think firewood is a good idea, you might be mistaken because rain is unpredictable. Canned food is great too, but not half as good as steamed chicken with mashed potatoes.

Load up on some extra canisters of propane, whether you’re doing much cooking or not, and enjoy a lavish, warm meal whenever you fancy one!


Camping could end up in disaster with just one small missing item, but with the above list, your experience is sure to be a memorable one. So don’t hesitate and get all these items right now!