Everyone wants to impress their guests with their home, but how do you go about doing it? Whether you are throwing a dinner party or just inviting a few friends over to hang out, you want to ensure your house is well-decorated and they go home thinking your hosting skills are top-notch. Here are eight ways to make it happen:

1. Send Out Physical Invitations

Make an amazing first impression by sending out physical invitations. Have a look online for some cute designs, or even make your own! While most people organize online these days, having an invitation sent in the post gives a warming touch that’ll make your guests excited to arrive.

2. Decorate

You don’t have to hang balloons and place flowers in every empty pot; just give your home a little decorate spruce before your guests arrive. Place candles around, buy a bunch of freshly cut flowers and place some art prints on the walls. 

If your place is looking a little plain, use some Home Depot Coupons for home décor to make your rooms a little more interesting. A large mirror over a mantelpiece can be enough to lift an entire room!

3. Clean, Clean, Clean

You’re probably already anticipating the day before they arrive, where you’ll find yourself scrubbing windowpanes and dusting the ceilings. Do yourself a favor and start cleaning the week before. 

By doing the cleaning in sections, you’re less likely to forget a part of the house. Plus, your place won’t smell like cleaning products, giving your guests the impression that it always looks immaculate!

4. Match the Tableware

You don’t have to use ridiculously fancy plates and glasses to impress your guests – matching will do! Have a look around for some cool designs and stock your kitchen up with enough to go around.

5. Have a Mini-Bar

If your guests are drinking, get a mini-bar for the dining room or kitchen. Not only will it look impressive, but your guests will appreciate the thought you’ve put into their drinking desires! You could go all out and get a cocktail kit and let your guests try and make their own concoctions throughout the night. 

Remember to accommodate for non-drinkers, too, by stocking your refrigerator with soft drinks and juices.

6. Practice Cooking

Whatever meal you plan on serving, practice it well in advance, even if it’s something you’ve made plenty of times before! The night of an event isn’t the time to experiment, so take some time a week before to get that all out of the way. 

By the time the event comes around, the stresses of the cooking going wrong will have disappeared.

7. Have Games on Hand

No matter how beautiful your place looks, your guests will leave disappointed if the night turns boring. While you might not end up needing them due to the riveting conversations, it’s always best to have some party games on hand. 

8. Have Fun!

Most of all, remember to have fun. Even if you’re hosting, you should still enjoy the party – your guests will appreciate a host who doesn’t look like they’re stressing out about everything!