It is true that small apartments and homes provide unlimited charm, but they tend to be lacking in space in terms of kitchen. Almost all the smaller homes and apartments have crowded kitchens that look bad and untidy. Small-sized and confined kitchens will make you feel cluttered and suffocated, and nobody wants to feel the same. 

While breaking the existing walls and extending the area in the kitchen might be a solution to get an extra space for your kitchen when you have a home, but it is not a good option for the apartments. The good news is that several space-saving ideas will make your small kitchen much more functional and effective. All these ideas can provide added storage facilities and also provide an airy and welcoming appearance in the kitchen. 

If you think creatively, there are many ideas that will help you expand the existing space of the kitchen, including extending the tiny kitchen floor plan, utilizing the countertop, and making use of trim and latest appliances that offer the best experience to the homeowners. When you are renovating your kitchen and want to have a larger space in a small apartment or small home, these tips will help you largely-

1. Adding a Preparation Area

You might not have much space for expansion or adding a whole island of kitchen space. Hence, you can use the slim rolling kitchen cart or the bar cart that will act as the preparation area or serve as the extra space. Even using the narrow console will work as the best place to keep the tools and ingredients while cooking. 

2. Removing the Upper Cabinets

Open shelves are very functional and make it easy to access the dishes and the glasses. Hence, it is better to replace the existing upper cabinets and use the open shelves that help save space in the kitchen, making it more functional. 

3. Store Items above The Cabinets

If you find that the upper cabinets are not reaching the ceilings, you waste much space in the kitchen. There is also an open space between the top and shorter cabinets. Here, you can store your stuff like the pots, pans, etc., in the above portion of the cabinets. 

4. Add Two Layers Of Drawers In The Kitchen

Two layers of drawers are one of the best items to keep in the kitchen. These drawers have a half shelf on the roller above the bottom portion of the drawer. The half-shelf is best for keeping the flatware like the dishes and small items and slides to the back portion of the drawer so that you can have access to the large utensils under the shelf. In addition, these two-layer shelves are best for storing the cutlery and utensils in one single space keeping all the items organized.

5. Make A Custom, Flush Mounted Broom Closet

When you hire the professional for kitchen remodeling, he will keep an eye on the detailing to utilize the small kitchen spaces by creating a custom flush-mounted broom closet that is best for the smaller spaces. The small mounted closet is placed against one wall, and it is only a few inches deep. 

6. Add Lot of Lighting To The Kitchen

If you want to make an illusion of a large kitchen space, you can get rid of the unattractive fluorescent light and add some updated track lighting fixture or a row of unique lights that will help to give a feel of a larger kitchen space. 

7. Use The Fold-Down Table In The Kitchen

Another alternative to making the kitchen space look larger is attaching the fold-dawn table at the center or attaching it to the hinges’ walls. This type of table can be folded when not in use, and you can unfold it when you require having the prep space in the kitchen. You can also attach some barstools to the walls on either side of the table to have a flexible sitting and eating arrangement that double up the space for reading. 

8. Use The Peg Board In The Kitchen

One of the ways to maximize the space in the kitchen is to use the pegboard on the walls that will maximize the space in the kitchen and help you arrange the smaller items on the walls so that you can free space from the floor. To get some more ideas on small kitchen remodeling, visit

9. Make Use Of Small Appliances

If you have a small kitchen, the best way to utilize it is to use small appliances. You can buy a freezer, microwave, and other appliances of smaller capacities that fit your small kitchen without making it look so clingy and bad. In addition, you can check out online the latest appliances that can be placed in the kitchen. 

These are 9 Space-Saving Ideas for Remodeling Your Small Kitchen to try out. If you have a small space, these tips will surely help you to organize the kitchen perfectly. You can consult with the interior designer who will provide the best suggestions so far.