There are several reflections to think about when you are selecting the right harness for your pooch. Whether you are training your seasoned pet or a new puppy, are a new dog owner or just want to make your walks better, selecting a harness can be confusing. By following these guidelines, it will be easier to choose the best harness for taking your dog on his daily walks.

Measuring Up

Measuring Up
With back and slide-clip harnesses, you need to assess the thickness of the harness. You must measure your dog and define the appropriate size and thickness based on the breed and age. The fit must regularly be checked to ensure it fits perfectly.

Padding Or Not?

Padding is often required for breeds with short hair to avoid rubbing that causes skin irritation.

Choose One That Fits Your Requirements

The best way to find the perfect harness is to visit a pet store where you can try different fits before purchasing it. You can also have a look at how easy it is to put the harness on and take it off again.

Select One That Will Last A Long Time

Ideally, you want a harness that can adjust and expand as your dog moves. Pay attention to your dog’s movements and reactions when he walks around. Do not opt for one with cheap material, as it will wear away quickly.
Select One That Will Last A Long Time

Reflective Or Not?

If you enjoy dog walking early in the mornings or later in the evenings, a reflective harness may be worth investing in to ensure you are visible at night and keeping our dog safe. Check out Fuzzy Rescue for more helpful dog-related articles.

Connecting As It Should

You can narrow down the dog harness selections by thinking about how you’ll be joining the leash to the harness. There are two primary types: the back clip and front clip. The one you’ll be choosing depends on your dog.

The Best Match

Everyone has a favorite leash they like to utilize for specific outings, just make sure the harness you choose works well with the strap you want. Also, check the leash length based on the amount of control the harness will allow you when it is clipped to the leash.

More Than One Dog

If you are walking more than just one dog at a time, you may want to look into a harness that permits split leashes. Some pet owners prefer to buy two different harnesses with leashes, contingent on their unique walking habits.
More Than One Dog

The Material

Although a harness can lead to more controlled walk, and your dog may cause fewer problems, keep in mind that harnesses must be cleaned, mainly the cloth ones that has padding. Some dog owners prefer leather since it feels great after being polished, and it is less likely to result in skin irritation since it can be treated this way over and again. Other pet owners may want nylon for easy and quick washing. Your dog’s skin quality, allergies, and size may be contributing to your decision of choosing which material works best.

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