Furniture and art pieces around our house is a representation of our personality. They have a way of bringing authentic stories to life. Cavalier Antiques brings a certain ambiance into the room, it could be something extremely simple but eye catching at the same time.

You cannot deny the fact that it’s a great conversation starter. It brings joy and a sense of nostalgia with the golden times.

Antique furniture has become of more value cause of the authentic wood they use during the olden days. Furniture these days have been made in order to minimize the cost of labor and materials. What people don’t realize is the fact that when furniture is made at a menial price they do not last for a longer period of the time. The reason why Antiques have a higher price is cause it’s possible to conserve it for over a 100 years solely because of the quality of products used at the time of manufacturing. The design mostly don’t have exquisite and intricate designs cause they don’t think it’s a wise decision to spend on hand crafting artists as they take more time for less produce.

One of the advantages of owning antique furniture or art pieces is the pride in owning something unique, mass produced furniture does not have the look and feel similar to these pieces. It’s amazing how you get to interact with different people in ways that you could have never imagined.

Theo has a great eye for antiques and collectibles. He has been identifying impeccable pieces around the world, he’s more than happy to assist you to buy the piece that resonates with you. Theo is also interested in buying them, he welcomes those who appreciates these antique furniture or art pieces, interested in selling them to him. The collection includes antique furniture, collectibles, paintings, jewellery, watches, glass and crystal, clocks and ceramics. The best part of watches is that you get to wear these amazing pieces that has been of so much value emotionally some hundred, thousand years back. Similarly, owning a wall clock is of great value in terms of the work that has gone into it, especially the stone work, the intricate design. People from high end societies tend to gravitate towards these wall clocks as they get to be a part of a world where there was great importance given to clocks. As a community it’s extremely important to keep these pieces, their stories alive with the medium of our homes.