Will you get fair compensation from your personal injury claim? This is a common question among most victims of vehicle accidents. Even If you have certainty of liability, you still will have lots of questions; How your quality of life will be affected, medical bills, how to go about fighting for your personal injury rights, and more. But it all boils down to money, and your odds of getting more of it from the liable party. In this situation you need a Georgia accident attorneys who can help you with this.

What is your life value or a broken limb worth? It may come out as an unethical question. After all, human life cannot be substituted with money, but that is what personal injury attorneys and insurance adjusters have to grapple with every day. If you are going into a personal injury settlement alone, it can be overwhelming as you do not know what to expect. Richmond Vona, LLC is a personal injury law firm located in Buffalo, NY, and they have seen a wide variety of scenarios related to this topic. So, if you have been injured at no fault of your own and are considering filing a personal injury claim, then we recommend the following.

Research Widely

Knowledge is power. Do your due diligence and understand your personal injury type, is it an auto injury, premises liability, work injuries, dog attacks, product liability, medical errors, slip and fall, among others. Once you know your personal injury type, you can come up with what you deem as the fair value of your personal injury and make a claim, and for that you can hire a personal injury attorney for perfect direction.

If it’s a small claim and you feel you can do it without a lawyer, then you will have to dig deeper into your research. Try and understand necessary steps to fill a small claim, accepting a settlement, negotiating with your adjuster, arbitration when negotiation fails, hard cost, pain and suffering, medical factors, among other considerations.


Be Wary of Insurance Adjusters

Now that you have a significant understanding of how to go about the settlement yourself, it is usual for the insurance adjuster to offer a small compensation. You need to be very aware of such situations. Be clear on your minimum settlement figure.

Try and present evidence that shows why you deserve a higher compensation from what is offered by the insurance adjuster. Also, don’t go back and forth and revise your offer more than once. Remain professional and wait for a response and request for justification from the insurance adjuster on their counter offer.

Hire an Attorney

The best advice is to hire an attorney. An experienced personal injury attorney will be a much better direction for your case as opposed to googling facts. This is important, especially if you want to demand compensation for pain and suffering, future damages, and the payout and the severity of the injuries inflicted are too great.

Trial Vs Out of Court Settlement

A settlement is the most common compensation for a personal injury case. 70% of claimant prefers to settle out of court with a small percentage going to trail and only 4% making it to full trial. Many factors inform out-of-court settlement as opposed to a lawsuit.


For instance, litigation is expensive, lawyers’ hourly rate, expert witness testimonial, and filing fees are some of the factors that parties try to avoid since they push the overall cost up. Often, out of court settlement is just a pure business decision.