Stay Away From Medications 

Talk to your doctor about your drugs before you start trying for a baby to make sure they won’t impact your fertility or a future kid. According to doctors, men who use testosterone, for example, may need to taper off.

Women should avoid testosterone, as well as any medicines that treat thyroid problems, seizures, or psychiatric diseases, as well as those that include estrogen or progesterone hormones. It is preferable to have fewer substances in your body. You should cleanse your body and experiment with natural fertility boosters.

Birth control tablets include these substances to prevent conception. If you’ve recently stopped taking your pills, there’s no need to be concerned about a post-pill waiting period. Your body should be ready to conceive right away, even if you’ve been taking them for years. The length of time you used birth control has no bearing on your chances of becoming pregnant.

If you haven’t already, now is the time to start taking folic acid. Daily folic acid supplementation not only helps to prevent birth defects, but it may also help to increase fertility.

Only use clean skin care products

Getting rid of chemical skincare and cosmetics from your regular routine is a good idea. These can tamper with your hormones and upset your endocrine system. That is the absolute last thing you want to happen. For the purest skincare, use a plant-based Vitamin C serum and a vegan Retinol alternative. It’s possible that this will boost your chances of becoming pregnant.

For during the day, use clean organic vitamin c and niacinamide serum and for during the night use plant-based Retinol serum. Remove all synthetic lab-produced cosmetics from your daily use. 

Most Retinol serums are full of chemicals and are not recommended if you’re trying to get pregnant. You can still use them but switch to a 100% natural, plan-based retinol – bakuchiol is one of the good retinol alternatives. Bakuchiol compared to retinol is better because it doesn’t cause dry skin, redness, or skin irritation. It also doesn’t contain harsh synthetic chemicals. 

Watch Your weight

If you’re overweight, you’ll have a better chance of baking a bun if you lose weight. You’re more likely to have irregular menstrual periods or not ovulate at all if you gain weight. Even a small reduction in body weight can help increase fertility and reduce pregnancy-related health risks.

Fertility is harmed by being excessively skinny. If you’re underweight, you’re more likely to have irregular periods, have a preterm birth, and have a child with a low birth weight if you do get pregnant.

Crystals Can Help With Fertility

There are numerous natural ways to balance your body and mind, and one of them is to use fertility crystals and stones. For hundreds of years, crystals for fertility have been used, and they were well-known even in Ancient Greece.

Stay In Good Health 

Because there is a significant correlation between your general health and your reproductive health, taking the time for a quick health check can go a long way for your fertility.

Semen quality has been linked to a healthy body weight, excellent nutrition, frequent exercise, improved sleep patterns, and less stress. Your doctor can help you make any necessary changes to improve your health and remove any obstacles that are stopping you from having children.

The most important takeaways

Don’t use any pills or chemicals that aren’t absolutely necessary. Cleanse your body and experiment with natural fertility boosters like fertility stones. Keep an eye on your weight; you don’t want to be too skinny or too heavy.