Most college students have stressful days due to difficult assignments with tight deadlines, the pressure to get good grades, and preparation for tests and exams. When they go to their dorm rooms or apartments, all they think about unwinding and recharging. Your personal space in your home sets the tone for everything. 

Since this area is the setting for many stressful and important moments of your life, you need to ensure that it provides positive energy and it’s comforting. While there are a lot of things in life that are out of your control, your dorm or apartment is a space where you have complete jurisdiction. Whether you love investing in material objects or take the minimalist route, how you organize your room and paint your walls has a huge impact on your mental health and wellbeing.


Did you know that space in your college dorm or apartment can expand your spirit and elevate your mood? A research study found that individuals tend to be more innovative in rooms with high ceilings. However, you can still enjoy the benefits of spaciousness if your room has a low ceiling. A sense of spaciousness is one of the elements that boost creativity, productivity, and performance.

A clean open room without clutter elevates moods. A sense of openness can be achieved in any space with the right furniture, lighting, design, and organization. One of the best ways to achieve spaciousness is by reading essay examples and delegating writing tasks to Writix to find time to declutter your room. Organizing your room is a great way to create a peaceful and soothing environment. Spacious rooms that are easy to navigate foster interactions which can reduce stress and anxiety. In any room, organizing furniture and the function of pieces can improve your psychological state.


A room full of natural light is a beauty to behold. Various research studies have shown that sunlight can help in reducing depression. Whether you get sunlight through your window or outdoors, you’ll feel better about yourself. Allowing sunlight into your room can uplift your emotions.

A lack of sun for several days can lead to anxiety and sadness. Sunlight not only energizes but also motivates college students to do their best both at school and at home. While there have been numerous studies demonstrating the physiological and psychological benefits of sunlight, one research study found that college students who went out regularly to get some sun got better grades compared to those who spent most of their time in class. Students who used artificial light all the time also lacked energy and sleep.

Plants and flowers

College students who bring nature to their rooms usually feel happy and fulfilled. One of the best ways to do this is by including plants and flowers in your space. A study conducted by Texas A & M found that the presence of plants reduced stress and enhanced concentration and memory. Most houseplants filter natural air, reduce allergens and increase the amount of oxygen in the room. No wonder people who have plants in their rooms tend to feel more relaxed and confident. Flowers lift moods. Having flowers around increases positive feelings and reduces the likelihood of anxiety and depression. They provide an aesthetic beauty that calms and relaxes the mind. Flowers are not only a beautiful addition but also lift peoples’ spirits.

Integrate all-natural elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Metal

Space, sunlight, plants, and flowers transform the look of your room and make you feel less anxious and more relaxed. What do all these elements have in common? If you guessed right, they are all-natural elements. Throughout the years, human beings have been doing their best to bring nature into their homes and experience the beauty and calming effects that it has to offer. Whether it’s grass, animal fur, or Christmas trees, people have been bringing nature into their homes for many years. In our modern world, we can easily incorporate all the natural elements into our spaces. Windows bring in natural light and wind, fireplace and candles bring in fire, mirrors create a sense of spaciousness and both earth and metal are present in silver, wood, brass, stone, and iron.


One of the most popular mood-altering interior design elements is color. For the majority of people, color is a key component in the modern world. Interior designers and researchers have been spending a lot of time and energy reviewing the theory of colors and coming up with new ways to transform the world. Color brightness and saturation are key components in promoting positive emotions. Saturation refers to the purity of color while brightness is determined by the amount of white. Most people refer to red, orange, and yellow as warm colors and blue, green, and purple as cool colors. Every color has a psychological effect. Therefore, it’s important to choose those that evoke positive emotional responses.

Can interior design affect your psychology?

The leading mental complaints in our modern world are anxiety and depression. However, modern interior design techniques have proven to reduce stress and anxiety. The connection between the interior of your room and your psychological state is not a new finding. Numerous scientific studies have validated these claims over the years. 

The majority of leading businesses in the interior design sector have invested a lot of time and energy in improving the psychological state of human beings. Most designers focus on aspects such as lighting, color, texture, artwork, and color to create uplifting spaces that enhance creativity, trust, efficiency, and happiness.

While most elements of interior design have been linked to an improvement in mental health, there are a few components that are mentioned all the time. They include spaciousness, natural elements, sunlight, artwork, and plants and flowers. When used appropriately, all these design elements can create a conducive environment thus eliminating stress, anxiety, and depression among college students.


As a campus student, you need to evaluate your room to determine how it’s affecting your psychological state. There are a lot of interior design elements that affect how you feel and behave. Organizing your room and including all the natural elements and the appropriate colors will help you feel better about yourself improve education and performance at school.