Having a mother in law suite or an accessory dwelling unit on your property is beneficial in many ways. Your mom or mother in law now has the opportunity to live with you without becoming a burden. These suites are a great way to keep mom close in case of emergencies, but you’ll still have optimal privacy for both parties.
Now, before your mom comes to stay in your mother in law suite, you’ll want to ensure that it’s designed and decorated tailored to her. When staying in your suite, you want your mom to feel comfortable and at home. It’s time to truly make this suite a space for mom.

Continue reading below for five tips on how to decorate your mother in law suite!

1. Design With Age In Mind

The first thing you’ll want to do is design with age in mind. Think about the necessities that your mom will need before heading straight to the aesthetics. Stanley Acton from www.actonadu.com suggests that accessory dwelling units are often a good option for those with special needs, as they can be customized to meet your exact needs.
Design With Age In Mind
Will you need to have wide enough doors to fit a wheelchair? Does the unit need to be first-floor living only? What other accessibility necessities will your mom need in her suite that you can incorporate into the design and decor?

This is your starting point.

2. The Wall Decor

Next, you can move on to the wall decor. When imaging a nice and cozy suite, you don’t think of bright red or green walls. Instead, make your mom feel relaxed by using warm and inviting colors on the wall such as beige or coral.

You can even consider using wallpaper or different paint techniques such as painting with a sponge to create high-end looking walls without the cost. For decoration, only hang paintings that represent calm scenes such as open fields, the beach, flowers, or other nature depictions.

3. The Furnishings

Ensure that all the furnishings are practical yet comfortable. In the bedroom, you’ll want all of the furniture to match. This makes the room feel well put together.
The Furnishings
You should also include a recliner next to a small side table as a reading space or a place for your mom to sip her tea or coffee. In the dining area, place a round breakfast table with two chairs. It’ll make sure the perfect place to eat all meals.

A nice living room area would include a regular-sized couch and a television.

4. The Bedding

Using shams and throw pillows on the bed makes it feel more luxurious. Ensure the bedding matches the pillows as well. Provide extra pillows and blankets in the closet for easy access when needed.
You’ll want to choose bedding that is soft and comfortable while matching the room’s color scheme. Coordinate the window curtains with the bedding to fully tie the room together.

Decorating Your Mother In Law Suite

Decorating Your Mother In Law Suite
Your mom is coming to live with you and you now have the perfect mother in law suite to greet her with. Decorating with accessibility in mind first, then comfort and relaxation is the best way to give your mom exactly what she needs and wants.

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