Did you know the demand for roofing in the United States could reach 19.9 billion by 2021?

Are you in the market for a replacement roof but not sure what type to pick? Not to worry! In this guide, we’ll go over critical tips to keep in mind when choosing a roof.

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1. Consider Roofing Material

Consider Roofing Material
People select asphalt shingles for their roofs. Asphalt shingles are popular because they are cost-efficient and last a long time. You can also choose from plastic, wood, or slate.
Where you live will help you decide what kind of material would work best. Slate is an excellent choice for warmer climates because it has a lighter coloring. Slate won’t absorb heat as much helping to keep the inside cooler.

2. Styling Your Roof

When you’re looking at a replacement roof, you’ll want to consider the style of your home. Do you have a large surface area? Are you looking for something artisan-crafted or a more standard shingle?

You can choose a hipped roof style, typical for a cape cod home. It has four inclined sides arriving at a peaked top. A mansard roof slopes on the four sides and has a flat top.

Consider a gambrel roof, with two sides, where one has a steeper slope while the other has a shallower slope. A dormer is a roofed structure with windows built in it and is popular on the east coast.

3. Picking a Color

Picking a Color
Change the style of your home by selecting different colored shingles. This will add a unique flair to your house.

Consider slate gray, forest green, or aged copper for a change. Pick a lighter color for hotter environments and a darker color for colder climates.

4. Ask Questions

Buying a new roof is a considerable investment. Sit down with your roofing contractor and ask them any questions you have.

Find out how long the material will last and the cost of the installation. Don’t forget to ask about the manufacturer’s warranty.

5. Hire a Licensed Contractor

Hire a Licensed Contractor
Are you thinking of hiring an unlicensed contractor because you’ll save money? If anything goes wrong, you could risk your investment.

Consider hiring a licensed contractor so you can have peace of mind. Research local roofing companies in your area.

6. Resale Value of Your Home

A long-lasting and durable roof is an essential feature of your home. This will come up in conversation when you want to sell your home. Remember this when you’re deciding what kind of roof you’ll buy.

The age, look, and condition of your roof factors into the selling price of your house. Think about your plans down the road when picking roofing material.

Time for a Replacement Roof

We hope you found these tips on picking a new roof insightful. Ask your roofing contractor about your roof replacement and what materials to use.

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