In East Texas, the summer seems to last for months. One excellent way of dealing with all the heat is running an AC.

A smooth running system is critical if you want to enjoy cool temperature. Problems are known to arise if an AC unit is poorly maintained. It is therefore important to take advantage of the spring to ensure that every component of your machine is in top shape.

We are pleased to guide you through the crucial maintenance and ac repair tasks that you can carry out yourself.

You want to start outside

The following tasks can be carried out as you tend to your yard.

Inspect the AC unit

Check for issues in the unit placed outside. Inspect refrigerant lines for fraying or missing foam. You might need to replace the foam insulation if there are issues.

Check the wiring for wear and damage. Grab a level to find out whether the slab is at a flat level. If you discover some issues that prove challenging to you, it would be good to seek a technician’s thoughts on what to do. Small issues could point to major problems such as a leak in the refrigerant compound.


Your ultimate objective is rid the unit of debris and dirt. These could hinder airflow leading to a malfunctioning unit. The fan should be cleared of leaves, small vines and grass clipping to protect the condenser from blockage.

After turning off the power supply, clean debris around the area. Straight out crushed and bent fins. Vacuum or wipe the fins gently and ensure that the drain is cleared up.

Move inside

Once you are done with the above activities, it is time to clean the components inside the house. You want to start by making sure that the thermostat works as it should.


Check the ductwork for holes, gaps and disconnected joints. Small leaks are known to make AC units 50 percent less effective.

Inspect the registers and air events too. Remove objects that may be blocking the passages.


Start from known to unknown. A good component to begin with is the air filter. You should check the filter every couple of months especially if the unit is an older model.

Ensure that there are no blockages in the drainage line or condensate. You are likely to encounter algae, mold and dirt here. Clean the area using a mixture of water and bleach.

Scrutinize the evaporator coil inside the unit. Remove dirt from the cabinet with a vacuum attachment. Use a coil cleaner to get the coil clean. Then rinse the coil and pan and let them dry.

Is it time to conduct a professional AC maintenance exercise?

The tasks above can be carried out easily. They will help you deal with the hot Eat Texas summers. Talk to us for the best AC maintenance services in East Texas.

Our proficient, equipped and well-trained team will conduct exhaustive checks on crucial elements such as capacitor efficiency and refrigerant level to ensure the unit works optimally at a pocket-friendly price.