Not everyone has the luxury of space in their kitchen. However, it should never prevent you from getting the most fascinating appliances to make your kitchen adventures more convenient and more fun.

 If you are at a loss as to what to buy next, you can try these 15 space-saving appliances you can add in your kitchen.

1. Instant Pot

Who needs multiple cooking appliances when you can have only one Instant Pot? This small kitchen appliance can cook almost any kind of recipe you have in your cookbook. It can replace your rice cooker, slow cooker, and pressure cooker. You can even make healthy yogurt for your kids.

If you have a large slab of meat you want to cook, the Instant Pot can handle it. One-pot casseroles are a breeze with this appliance, ready to satisfy your extended family with plenty of leftovers for the following day.

2. Coffee Maker

Coffee is an essential item on the breakfast table and at any time of the day. That is why you should always get a coffee maker to quench the caffeine thirst in your family.

While espresso machines can take up space, you can try more compact versions like this Breville Barista Express. If you prefer lattes and cappuccinos, a compact latte machine should do the trick.

3. Microwave

Most people use the microwave oven only for preparing ready-to-eat meals. However, there are plenty of recipes you can make using this small kitchen appliance.

Try an omelet in a mug for breakfast or a sumptuous chicken quesadilla. You can also surprise your family with microwaved mac n’ cheese, BBQ chicken nachos, and egg fried rice. 

4. Panini Press

It would be a mistake to assume that a panini press is only good for making flat, toasted Italian sandwiches. This space-saving kitchen appliance can make a dozen different meals to serve your family.

You can make two-minute bacon to go with your eggs, toast, and coffee. Reheating your pizza is also easy with this gadget. If you crave flatbread, a panini press can make one in a flash.

5. Food Processor

Another space-saving appliance you may want to include is a heavy-duty food processor. This gadget can handle almost all of your food preparation requirements.

You can chop herbs and vegetables, grind coffee beans, and process your meats. With the correct attachment, you can also make heavy cream, transform rolled oats into healthy gluten-free flour, and make cookie crumbs from cookies.

6. Toaster Oven

A toaster oven can bring you more than crispy golden bread slices for breakfast. It can reheat your leftovers, broil your meats, bake your favorite pastries, and make a sumptuous roast chicken.

The best part is that a toaster oven is smaller than a microwave. You can place it on your countertop without sacrificing space.

7. Blender

A blender is always an excellent appliance to get in the kitchen, especially if you are a big fan of sauces, dressings, and dips. You can also make slushies and smoothies to wow your kids and everyone else.

Blenders can also grind nuts and make low carb sides, such as broccoli rice. You will never run out of recipe ideas with this small kitchen appliance.

8. Compact Hand Mixer

Does your family love mashed potatoes? You might want to include a compact hand mixer in your list of small kitchen appliances.

This gadget not only makes fluffy mashed potatoes. It can also create magical salad dressings and icings, make pastry dough, and whip eggs or cream.

9. Pod Coffee Maker

If you prefer coffee pods or capsules over coffee grounds, you should get a pod coffee maker for your kitchen.

These coffee machines are more compact than your standard espresso machines and electric drip coffee makers. If you choose wisely, you can buy a single-serve coffee maker with a built-in coffee pod holder. It will save you more space in the kitchen.

10. Portable Dishwasher

Washing your dishes and utensils by hand is an easy and affordable way to clean these items. However, you can never guarantee 100% germ-free small kitchen objects.

The issue with standard dishwashers is that they can be bulky. A compact and portable dishwasher can give you clean and bacteria-free kitchen utensils and dishes to use in your cooking adventures. 

11. Narrow but Tall Refrigerator

Modern homes love wide-bodied refrigerators to give them sufficient food storage space. The problem is that such a refrigerator can also make your kitchen look cramped.

A two-foot-wide refrigerator should keep your food items fresh for many days without taking up too much of your kitchen floor space. A two-door refrigerator with a freezer is best, so you can keep your frozen food items.

12. Ice Cream Maker

You may not consider this kitchen appliance essential, but your kids will. Having this gadget in your kitchen can give your loved ones instant access to delicious and creamy ice cream any day of the year.

13. Compact Coffee Grinder

There is no better way to enjoy a delicious cup of Joe than grinding your coffee beans. You do not need a bulky commercial-grade coffee grinder to make fantastic ground coffee. A compact unit is sufficient as long as you pick one with a conical burr grinding disc.

14. Food Dehydrator

Do you love beef jerky? How about dried fruits and vegetables for your loved ones? These food items can be excellent snacks or instant energy boosters when you are out on the trail. Too bad, you cannot make these delicacies without a dehydrator. 

Buying one makes perfect sense, especially if you are looking forward to preserving many foods in your kitchen.

15. Beverage Cooler

A small refrigerator for your beers, sodas and other favorite beverages is always nice to have in the kitchen. You can pick a compact unit and place it on your countertop, optimizing your refrigerator’s food storage capability. Having an ice-cold bottle of beer while cooking sounds fun.


You cannot expect to have all of these 15 space-saving appliances you can add in your kitchen. However, you can always pick the ones that are more essential to you and your family. Alternatively, there are always more compact versions of these appliances to put in your kitchen.