A good Instagram following can bring many benefits. It is not only helpful for the businesses but also the influencers as it helps reach out to a wide range of audiences. Thus, people today are making use of effective strategies to attain their goals. Instagram being a dynamic environment, provides equal footing to all. But given the competition level, people are choosing to buy Instagram followers as a means to stay ahead. No doubt, it can be quite tempting, but it is vital that you have a proper idea about the positives and the negatives before you decide to buy Instagram followers.


Large following

Social networking is quite complex. To stay on the top, you need to have an understanding of all the aspects that can be beneficial. When you enter Instagram marketing, things will be quite challenging, especially when you have many rivals with a high number of followers. When you get Instagram followers from companies like SocialShaft then it will help you succeed on every playing field. It will bring visitors to the profile, which will help get better customer retention.

Better visibility

Instagram is quite competitive. Those who are easily noticeable get a lot of recognition and popularity. By buying Instagram followers, people will flock to your profile. It will greatly improve your visibility. In fact, the Instagram algorithm will represent your profile in front of more people, which will lead to better engagement on the application and assure you will build a good customer base.

Improved engagement

When the audience on your account starts interacting, it will lead to better engagement. This will not only help you get more followers but will also assure you achieve your goal.


Pricey with no guaranteed return

When you plan on getting those active, high-quality followers, you will have to pay an extra amount for it. It is essential to buy at least 10,000 followers to be successful. But remember, despite the investment, there are no assured returns.

Possibility of being banned

No doubt, genuine followers can bring in a lot of benefits. But even a single wrong transaction can lead to a negative impact on the image. If you have followers who breach the charges or keep on posting offensive posts, then the business Instagram profile will be blocked.

Short-term results

Purchasing Instagram views will be beneficial for you to demonstrate your popularity. However, the results won’t be long-term. It is vital that you work tirelessly and opt for the organic means to maintain your fame and reputation.


There are both positives and negatives. It is vital that you compare them and consider them all before making the decision to buy Instagram followers. If you plan on buying the followers, then you can trust Social Shaft. It is the best website to buy Instagram followers. But besides this, you need to keep on posting and engaging with the audience so that the results can last for long and you have better brand visibility.