With the rise of rental prices in the UK these days, many people have gone to the popular micro apartments and rely on a self-storage service for their personal items to save some money and space.

Businesses count on these services to make it more convenient when it comes to accommodating their employees in a more spacious environment without leaving their valuable seasonable items and machinery to the mercy of fate.

But the bigger the customer’s interest in storage facilities gets, the more various and comprehensive they get. It might be difficult for some of you to consider what storage unit to rely on.

For instance, do you know what a controlled storage unit is?

Before you consider it, find out more about it by reviewing this specific service’s pros and cons below.

What does climate-controlled storage mean?

Climate-controlled storage is a modern self-storage service enabling top-notched preservation of different fragile items. Such a model is put under strict temperature control management.

Usually, it has a consistent standard room temperature that is neither too hot nor too cold. In addition to these, the climate-controlled storage provides constant humidity level maintenance.

Direct sunlight, snow, rain, and wetness are all climate conditions that can spoil the perfect look and functions of numerous items you might want to put under severe observation.

Thanks to the specially tailored HVAC system and air conditioning that work 24/7, your belongings are safe and in a controlled environment.

What are the advantages of a climate-controlled storage unit?

Climate-controlled safe storage units are insulated precisely and delicately to preserve and protect your items.

Many customers are totally ok with paying some extra fee just to have this certain guarantee for getting their belongings back in their presentable normal condition when needed.

According to professional storage space providers, people select the climate-controlled service mainly because of its following benefits:

  • No risk of any damage. No matter what items you are about to store – fragile, delicate, or just too precious for you to keep in the closet, they will be protected from any injuries in the climate-controlled unit. High temperature and humidity are usually the riskiest factors that cause catastrophic damages such as cracks, warps, and tears.
  • Solid protection for electric devices. Moisture can ruin them permanently or stick you in waiting for months until the warranty repair is done. You don’t have to fix these business or personal items at all if you simply have them away from humidity.
  • Flexibility in choosing the service duration. Like all other self-storage units, the climate-controlled modules provide you with the whole freedom you need to consider how long you will remain without your items. It may be a short-term period until you decide where to put them in your new home or a long-term subscription with constant access to get your ski equipment when winter returns.
  • Guarantee for a sophistication observation. Not just the video surveillance but also the monitoring all-day-long technicians will keep an eye on your items. When the storage service includes temperature and humidity level control, experts will pay more serious attention to your precious items.
  • Fewer visits to the storage unit for you. By all means, many customers will worry about their belongings while having them professionally stored. The practice says that these people usually tend to make regular checks on their items to ensure everything’s fine. Hence, when the perfect climate conditions are fixed and set as permanent, you might not need to visit your storage unit so often.

What are the disadvantages of a climate-controlled storage unit?

Are the climate-controlled storage units so amazing to call them perfect? Well, now exactly. Actually, they have their cons, too. It’s good to be aware of them in advance so you can take the best decision, especially for your case.

Here are the disadvantages of climate-controlled modules that might make you avoid them and opt for the standard ones:

  • A more expensive service. In your local storage space company, you will receive a price list where the climate-controlled extra seems quite costly. Yes, indeed, for this luxurious storage preservation, you will pay quite more.
  • Not all storage companies provide it. Speaking of your local storage unit provider, you might not find the climate-controlled option there. As a result of this, you will be forced to rent a storage unit in a nearby city that, though it is far away and will deprive you of more often access to your belongings.
  • Sometimes the access is not as easy as you think. To keep your items stored at a constant room temperature and with zero climate risks, this specific module might be more difficult to reach 24/7. It depends on the company’s systems and mechanisms to preserve the desired conditions. Yet, we’ve heard about many climate-controlled storage clients who are unhappy about being separated from their items at concrete periods.
  • You might not be allowed to use them. Some companies deny providing climate-controlled storage units for customers whose items simply don’t need them. Your personal estimation of how fragile or valuable your items are could relate to the expert’s opinion. You might have to reconcile with the standard storage unit option in this case.

What is the difference from a standard storage unit?

But what makes the climate-controlled so special? What does it have to be completely different from the standard storage units? 

It’s the set of specific machinery that preserve concrete climate condition. The more modern the company is, the more innovative these gadgets are.

Of course, this is how the final price gets higher for you, too. It’s essential to mention one more difference, though. While being so strictly observed and taken care the climate-controlled storage unit also guarantees less dirt and dust on your items.

Do you really need a climate-controlled storage unit?

We strongly recommend not considering the price when choosing between the standard and the climate-controlled unit. The essence of your items should lead you to the right decision. Hence, why pay a higher price for a climate-controlled storage unit if you don’t need it at all? 

Below, you will see a list of the items that definitely need less humidity and direct sunlight, as well as room temperature preservation of their location:

  • Antique and pieces of art;
  • Natural wooden materials;
  • Business electric equipment;
  • Any papers and documents;
  • Musical and hobby instruments;
  • Different kitchen appliances;
  • Natural furs;
  • Luxurious upholstery and other pieces of furniture;
  • Expensive clothes;
  • Sports equipment;
  • And many more.


Find a reliable climate-controlled storage unit and have your essentials or special items preserved in the best possible conditions. It’s not only the type of service but also secures the most reliable conservation of delicate items.

Make sure to find a decent and trustworthy, experienced company that can provide you with the perfect balance between price and quality for its offers.