Have you ever got in a situation where you see window blinds on your neighbor’s windows and ask yourself,” Would they look any better on my windows or be a waste of money and time?” No more wondering, Gator Blinds brings the showroom to your homes. You can choose from huge selection of samples of blinds, shades and shutters. Our designers are going to help you choose the window treatment that compliments the existing decor and your budget.

When it comes to affordable window treatments, window blinds are at the top. They are the most popular of all the window treatments. We buy directly from the manufacturers and pass on the profits to customers by offering window treatments at the best prices. Read on to learn which window blinds you can pick for your home improvement project.

  • Wood Blinds – Nothing can match the beauty of the wood blinds, they are extremely classy and elegant. They come in different slat sizes, from 1” to 3” wide wood blind slats. They go with any décor and come in beautiful neutral earthy tones. They are not as affordable as the faux wood blinds but they come cheaper than plantations shutters.

Wood Blinds

  • Faux Wood blinds – They look like the real wood blinds but they’re better off. You can’t install wood blinds in high moisture areas like kitchens, laundry rooms or bathrooms but with faux wood blinds near Orlando you have no issues.
  • Vinyl Blinds – Just like the faux wood blinds, vinyl blinds are moisture resistant and one of the most affordable window blinds. They are easy to clean. In case the slat breaks, you can get a replacement easily and it is a cost effective repair.

Vinyl Blinds

  • Composite Blinds – They are made from eco friendly recycled materials like saw dust, recycled woods etc. and so are a nature friendly choice. The slats are wide enough to allow the sunlight in when open and in the closed settings they offer high privacy levels.

Look for window blinds near Orlando that are safe for kids and pets when you have either at home.

Security of the loved ones is the most important. Motorized and cordless systems are now available with the blinds that make the window treatments safe and also add to the comfort and convenience. They do add up to the costs but they’re worth it. Ask Gator Blinds designers for more.