For any real estate business to succeed, you need to have the ability to communicate and build relationships with clients. Sales rarely happen without effort. You will often have to get into heated negotiations with very picky clients and take others around the property in new neighborhoods.

The competition is stiff, and you need to use all available marketing channels to explore and nurture leads. Real estate text message marketing is one of the most straightforward strategies to reach and engage clients. This marketing channel can benefit you in the following ways.

People Are More Likely to Open Text Messages

Most people read SMS within the first five minutes, making it the quickest way to reach your target customers. If the customer inbox gets overwhelmed with marketing messages, your emails may end up in the spam folder.

However, your marketing message is more likely to reach your targets if you send short and precise text messages. It will only take a few minutes for your clients to open, read and perform the desired action.

Bulk SMS is Cost-effective

Another reason you need to use real estate text message marketing is that it’s more affordable than other methods. You can send a large volume of messages at a few cents each, resulting in higher investment returns.

Most times, you pay based on the number of messages sent, and it’s thus easier to control the price. You can even monitor the responses across various locations, gender, or age group so you can focus more resources on the best-performing audience category.

You Can Personalize the Message

The modern generation is more likely to rent or buy a house from a company that sends personalized messages. SMS is a friendlier way of communicating compared to emails. In most cases, people receive text messages from friends, family, and people they are closely associated with. Therefore, your customer is more likely to answer your messages than email since text conversations feel more natural.

Gather necessary information about your clients from their online login history, like their recently visited property list, so you can create an SMS that will interest them. Mentioning the name of the clients with whom you communicate at the beginning of the text to hook them in so that they can follow up on the property you intend to market.

You Can Send Automated Messages

You don’t have to reply to each message you receive. Instead, you can set up an automatic response based on some keywords, which saves time. Additionally, you can synchronize your SMS service with your business calendar to send your clients notifications to remind them of appointments. For instance, if you plan to take your clients for house viewing on a specific day, you can send them some reminders a few hours before the appointment, so they don’t miss out. It also gives you enough time to prepare for the meeting rather than calling every client to confirm attendance.


SMS marketing is an essential tool for any real estate agent who wishes to connect with customers or even generate leads. It can bring massive benefits to your business, as outlined above.