In the long haul, sprucing up your home will be worthwhile. Renovating not only increases the value of the property but also makes it a comfortable place to live. However, in the short term, this endeavor can be time-consuming, messy, costly and stressful. 

Renovating Issues

One of the biggest issues with knocking down walls, building an extension, or a new bathroom is the dust that makes its way everywhere. Even if you close and tape up the doors to other rooms, dust will still make its way into the kitchen cupboards, wardrobes, and all over the furnishings. 

Another issue is deciding what to do with the items in the area undergoing renovation. If you move them to another room, that space will feel crowded and untidy and if you do not move it, you will risk damaging the furniture. 

Self Storage Solution

One of the best solutions to the above problems is putting your furnishings and furniture into a self-storage unit for the duration of the renovation project. Huge items such as wardrobes and bookcases can be stored in a safe, secure, and dry unit until you have space for them again. If you have purchased new fittings or furniture before your space has been plastered, tiled, or completed, you can also put them in container storage until your house is ready for them. 

Beds, sofas, beddings, and curtains can also be stored in the unit to keep them free of dust and ready to be used without having to wash everything. Also, you can store possessions such as ornaments, vases, and books safely, thus keeping them in ideal condition. A self-storage facility can give you packing materials to keep your possessions safe and shelves to help keep the unit organized for easy access. 

Guaranteed Flexibility

Our company knows that when a contractor says a renovation project will take 4 weeks, they are being extremely optimistic. If you pick our facility to store your items during the renovation process, there’s no minimum or maximum storage time and extending your stay is hassle-free. 

All our self storage units are not only secure but theft, fire, and pest proof. As such, you can be certain your possessions will stay safe until you need them back. Our facilities provide round-the-clock access, making it easier for you to take your possessions or add more belongings whenever you wish. 

As you can see, there are many benefits to using self-storage solutions when making substantial changes to your home. Our services are not only readily available but also easily accessible. Get in touch today for affordable storage services.