Do you regularly experience back pain, leg pain, or suffer from common sleep? Can a wedge pillow help you control sleep apnea, snoring, shoulder/back/neck pain, or help you better your whole sleeping experience? Well, before we know whether they can help we need to know the best height of a wedge pillow. What is the best height for a wedge pillow? This is the most asked question among GERD wedge pillow clients. To get the answer to this question, you have to look at the two major things; what are the famous trends in the market? And what customers are saying? Read on to know the recommended height of a wedge pillow.

What is the best height for a wedge pillow?

After going through customer reviews online, there were certain consistencies in their reviews. Also after looking at the top wedge pillows in the market, we discovered that there are a number of factors that determine the correct height of a wedge pillow.

The type of material utilized by the maker likewise demonstrated to be a major factor in determining the best height of a wedge pillow. There are inexpensive options that utilize counterfeit memory pads or the best ones which use quality memory foam and cost highly.

After thorough research, we finally concluded the correct height of a wedge pillow. Below is our take.

The usual heights of wedge pillows normally range from 7-15 inches.

15 inches: High Risers

High risers are in general new customers of wedge pillows and people with GERD. What makes them prefer this height is because they believe that more inclination equals minimal acid reflux. This may look to make sense, but in a real sense, it is faulted. The high elevation can lead to serious issues of sleep apnea. This is the reason as to why you can hardly find wedge pillows of this height in the market. 

Regardless of whether you pick imitation memory foam or the normal memory foam, 15 inches is too high and the chances are that you will not benefit or improve your overall sleeping experience. 15 inches is truly not the correct height of a wedge pillow. 

10 inches-12 inches: Mid-level Risers

10-12 is also not the best incline, this height is not still necessary for many GERD patients. Most GERD victims always get amazed when they discover how low a pillow should be to cut down acid reflux. 10-12″ surpasses this reach. However, this height is recommended if the individual strongly believes in sleeping at high elevation. Though it should be brought down by at least 4″. 

Remember, the material of the wedge is significant. I can’t disclose to you how regularly we catch wind of different buyers purchasing impersonation brands from China and wind up hurling sensitivity issues inside a couple of weeks. Try to locate a 12″ incorporate wedge with common, American-made adaptive padding. By and large, while some wedge clients may lean toward this grade range, 10-12 inches is commonly not the best tallness for a wedge cushion.

6-8″: The Sweet Spot

While a portion of the people or market has not yet acknowledged it, GERD patients can indeed beat acid reflux by using a generally low slanted wedge pillow. According to health experts and customer feedback, a relatively short incline can beat a majority of symptoms resulting from acid reflux and many other sleeping disorders. It is not necessary to have a high incline for you to beat these issues.

Keep in mind that, it is not all about height but the materials utilized in the process, the optimized angles, and the technology used in the whole process. 7-8 inches is the recommended and best height of a wedge pillow to help you have a smooth sleeping experience. This height should be accompanied by high-end memory foam.

Benefits of using 7-8 inches wedge pillow.

Recommended slant from most medical services experts, promptly accessible with more brands, more affordable than most higher grade wedge cushions because of less material utilized.


What size wedge pillow do I need?

Wedge pillows are available in the market with different heights, widths, and lengths. However, to provide enough support to your neck, shoulder, and back areas alongside feet and leg regions, many are available in 20 inches square. You can go for a bigger one especially if weigh a lot or you have large feet and legs that need to be supported.

What is the best height for a wedge pillow?

7-8 inches 

Alongside the best adaptive padding accessible available, 7-8 inches is the best stature for a wedge pad. 

What is the proper way to use a wedge pillow?

Position the short end that is wide on your sleeping pad with the long, level side against your divider or headboard. You’ll have the option to sit upright, leaning back marginally, at the most slanting incline for staring at the TV or twisting up with your number one magazine or book.

Are wedge pillows good for back pain?

Wedge pillows help reduce back pain, provide additional support for the weight on your stomach. Wedge pillows have proved to cut down acid reflux on GERD. Wedge pillows benefit you a lot especially when you sleep on your back.


From what experts advise and the feedback given by GERD customers, the best height of a wedge pillow should be as low as 7-8 inches. However, you need to be certain about the memory foam utilized. Some brands have fake memory foams. This height should go hand in hand with top quality memory foam. For people who strongly believe in high inclination, 10-12 is recommended for them. However is not the best.