Whether you love a bit of DIY or have a passion for tinkering, a toolbox is an absolute necessity in every home. From changing fuses in plugs to tightening door hinges, there are so many simple jobs around the house which can easily be done yourself without needing to call anyone out or use any sophisticated tools. As long as you have a few basic tools, they are designed to be so versatile that you can use them for various applications. The best tools are multi-functional so as long as you do some research and check the uses and durability, a few quality tools will be all you ever need.

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To help out everyone who is looking to equip themselves for some jobs around the house, here are the tools that every home should have.

Screwdriver Set

The first tools that everyone should have in their home is a set of quality screwdrivers. There are so many DIY jobs which only need a screwdriver, such as putting up shelves, tightening hinges or changing door handles. A quality screwdriver set comes with both crosshead and flathead screwdrivers which are incredibly durable. A mid-priced set of screwdrivers will last you a lifetime, so this is a necessary investment for all homes.

Table Saw

One of the most strenuous tasks is sawing wood by hand, but a quality power saw makes this job a breeze. The saw experts from Ryker Hardware explain that there are various table saw options available, and the right one for your home will depend on the jobs you plan to use it for. While most professional carpenters and tradesmen need a benchtop or compact table saw, mini table saw will be sufficient for the majority of home uses.

Power Drill

Another essential tool which no home should go without is a power drill. This will make drilling holes in the wall to hang up pictures and shelving a piece of cake. Look out for a power drill, which has a wide range of different drill heads so that you can drill various size holes as required. The most useful power drills come with a rechargeable battery pack so you can use it anywhere around your home without having to plug it into the electricity mains. 

Wrench Kit

As well as a screwdriver set, it is also very important to have a set of wrenches in various sizes. These are vital in every home as they enable you to loosen and tighten different sized bolts and nuts when putting together flatpack furniture or repairing your plumbing. Look for a robust stainless steel set and you will never need to replace them.

Despite common misconceptions you don’t need a professional standard tool kit to do most of the jobs around the home. As long as you have a few quality basic tools, you will be able to tackle the majority of maintenance and repairs that need doing sometimes as well as worth on some projects of your own. Follow this guide, and make sure that you have all of these tools in your home.