Aquariums aren’t just for residences anymore. It isn’t uncommon to find a beautiful and intricate fish tank installed in any number of public venues. Although the sight of a neptune aquarium outside a home may initially catch some people off-guard, they are inevitably drawn to the exotic colors and soothing effects of its aquatic inhabitants or the growing trend of grand and magnificent tanks.

Many establishments can benefit greatly from the addition of an aquarium. A fish tank is more than just a pretty face. Studies have linked several positive influences that aquariums have on the human condition, with sites like offering multiple options that can emphasize these advantages. While there may be a spotlight on innovative and lavish designs, the ultimate goal is to ensure each tank is the right fit for the customer.

Time and time again, case studies have found that watching fish in an aquarium can reduce stress, enhance focus and alertness, as well as improve overall productivity in businesses. With that kind of ringing endorsement, the addition of an aquarium seems like a relatively simple step that many homes and organizations can take to address common issues in society.

Doctors’ Offices


Doctor visits aren’t typically the highlight of anyone’s day. Even those who are healthy and merely at the office for a wellness checkup can start to feel nervous or uncomfortable as they wait to see the physician or other medical personnel. Those feelings are heightened when the patient is truly sick. Stress levels tend to rise in the waiting area as more and more time passes without updates or contact with doctors. In this instance, the fish tank can serve a dual role by helping to calm people and temporarily distract them, while managing to brighten the room and make the ambiance less dreary.

Retirement Homes

Aside from the aesthetic enhancement and stress relief aspect, aquariums in retirement homes have been known to liven up the residents in those communities for a variety of reasons. Though the soothing traits of the fish tank are incredibly beneficial to the elderly and the infirm, aquariums offer an added perk that’s simple yet profound. The tank may have a unique and appealing shape or color, but the fish inside emerge as the real heroes. Studies have shown that the mere act of watching the fish swim acts as a catalyst for socializing. Residents pick out their favorite fish and talk to others about them, with the quieter, more introverted occupants beginning to speak up.

Business Offices


Going into the office isn’t typically perceived as an exciting or energizing activity. To combat the monotony of the daily grind, employers have found that creating an inviting office space with pleasant surroundings is a more uplifting experience for the workers. Companies that make an effort to ensure the interior design of their buildings is aesthetically pleasing find that their employees are more productive. An aquarium is a manageable feature that employers can add without the expense of overhauling an entire space.

There are plenty of other places that are ideal locations for aquariums, including schools, casinos, design or architecture offices, mental health facilities, and even shopping malls. The list goes on and on. Whether or not people are aware of the restorative powers of aquariums, there’s a convincing argument for their continued presence outside private homes.