Everyone dreams of a grand wedding reception! If that includes you as well, you can’t get careless with your wedding decor arrangements. Paying importance to every single detail is essential. You need to ensure that the wedding venue, reception hall decor, and other things complement the wedding theme. The same applies to your wedding chair covers. It’s best to take ample time and choose from the best ones.

From a wedding planner’s perspective, wedding chairs are an essential addition to the wedding decor list. It is where the guests sit and also enjoy their reception meal. While it’s easy to choose the wedding chairs, you might need some help with the chair covers.
If you are yet to make your final choice on chair covers, you can take reference from the following types:

Polyester covers

Polyester covers
It is one of the most common options. Created by using a polyester fabric, this cover gives a simple and casual look. It is best suited for the banquet chairs with a square back. If you want a minimalistic wedding decor, this cover is the apt choice. One of the most popular variants is the teardrop polyester chair cover. It can dress up a teardrop back chair in a classy way.

Satin covers

Composed of satin fabric, this cover reflects delicacy and style! It adds a refined look to your chair. You can choose from myriad color options. It’s always a smart call to choose from the lighter shades, as that comes with a classy, smooth sheen. It also reflects the lights very well.

Spandex covers

Spandex covers for folding chairs
Usually, designers take about 190 gsm of spandex fabric to make this cover. Often, spandex wedding chair covers are sleek and have an ultra-modern look. You can wash these covers whenever you need to. Also, there’s not much ironing required to get that perfect polished and smooth look.

Spandex covers for folding chairs

It is one more variant that you need to check out! If you are opting in for plastic folding chair for your wedding reception, these covers are essential. They look similar to the industrial folding chair covers. There’s nothing ornate or extra decorative about these covers. It is also affordably priced.

Universal chair covers

Universal chair covers
If you have a massive line of guests, you can opt-in for universal chair covers. Getting the exact fit might increase the invoice bill for you. The universal chair covers are good to go for any chairs you have at the wedding reception. You can tie it at the back of the chair, and it will have a slimming and sleek visual effect.

Also, finding a universal chair cover is easier than the other cover types.

Now that you are aware of the multiple wedding chair covers, you can decide the one you want to opt-in for. If you are having a difficult time judging it, you can get professional guidance from a service provider. Today, the online suppliers of wedding chair covers are active online. Get in touch via a call or through an email, and you can have your basic queries addressed. It will help you to arrive at the best decision.