A glass of wine is not just meant for chugging, it is supposed to be tested properly with all its aroma and richness. Unfortunately, this aroma and richness can get lost, if the wine wasn’t stored properly. And just like that toast at your son’s graduation can become dull. You can save the richness of a wine, by storing it under the right conditions.

A temperature that is either too hot or too cold can destroy the little nuances of wine. That’s why you should invest in some built-in wine cooler, so you can keep the crisp nature of your wine alive. You cannot rely on your regular refrigerator for that purpose because it is not made for that and it certainly cannot keep your wine intact.

These inbuilt wine fridges are specialized to store wine in a huge quantity at the right temperature i.e. 55 degrees. This is the optimum temperature for the proper storage of wine.

For your convenience, I have enlisted some of the best wine fridges out there.

1. Kalamera 24-Inch 46-Bottle Dual Zone Built-in and Freestanding Wine Fridge

 If you have a large wine collection with various types of wines then this should be your first choice. It is dual zoned, which means it can maintain more than one kind of temperature settings.

Now you don’t need to decide if you should buy white or red wine, because it can accommodate both. You will love its spacious interior. The only thing I didn’t like about this beauty was the noise it generates. It can get quite some noise sometimes, because of its huge compressor.

2. Edgestar 30-Bottle Undercounter or Freestanding Wine Cooler

 If you do not own a big house with lots of space then it is better that you look for a wine fridge that is compact and would fit seamlessly in your kitchen.

Unlike the previous one on my list, this one does not create any unnecessary noise. You won’t even feel that it is there. It has a capacity of storing 30 bottles at one time. The glass doors are specifically tinted so that harmful light rays cannot enter the fridge and spoil your wine.

3. Newair 29-Bottle Wine Fridge

If chic style and the eye-catching home interior is your jam then this wine fridge is made just for you. Its intricate design will go along with the fancy interior of your house. Not only is this pleasant to look at, but it is also very easy to install.

Although the capacity of this fridge is a little less than the previous competitors it compensates that with its dual features and triple layers glass doors for extra protection.

Final Words:

These 3 were the best-inbuilt wine fridges that I have used. And I completely adored their versatile features. For all of you beginners with a small collection, I would say go for Newair 29 bottled wine fridge, but if your collection is quite large then you should go big and buy Kalamara 46 bottles dual zone wine cooler and I assure you that you won’t be disappointed.