Having a beautiful and clean home is everyone’s dream. For those who already own their house, try each and everything to enhance the beauty of their homes. There are many ways to increase the aesthetics of a house. However, most of those ways can turn out to be pretty heavy on your pockets. Nonetheless, one of the quickest and easiest ways to enhance the beauty of your home is to have hardwood floors. Wooden floors have that unique look to them and instantly increase the aesthetics.

With that said, there’s one thing that comes with wooden floors and that is the dirt it catches. Though, wooden floors look absolutely beautiful, if not taken care off they can get pretty dirty. Now, you may think what’s the best way to clean hardwood floors. To answer that very question, we bring before you this article. In this article, we will take you through the most effective ways to clean hardwood floors. If that sounds interesting let us dive right into it.

Most Effective Ways to Clean Wooden Floors

1) Steam Clean

One of the best if not the best and most effective ways to clean wooden floors is steam cleaning. There’s nothing better than steam clean wood floors. It’s proven to have the best results when it comes to steam clean furniture. People’s routines for cleaning and sanitising hardwood floors now heavily rely on steam cleaners. The fact that dry steam cleaning can eliminate 99 per cent of bacteria, viruses, and germs on the floor is by far its biggest advantage.

You can steam clean hardwood floors with ease because the dry steam emits a hot vapour that is connected to a mop. Preheating the steam cleaner is the first step. Glide the steam mop across the floors. By using the high heat temperature to trap dirt, the microfiber cloth tied to your steam will hold onto more moisture. When you notice that the microfiber cloth has too much dirt, rinse it. Repeat the procedure until the area has been thoroughly cleaned.

2) Broom Cleaning

Every time someone uses a hoover to clean something, the last thing they want to do is to clean it of excess dust and pet hair. If you haven’t been regularly cleaning your floors, a quick sweep with a broom can go a long way and might even shorten the time it takes to clean. The $40 broom you saw in an alluring advertisement can be replaced by a standard $5 broom from Walmart. To avoid spreading dirt everywhere, make sure to regularly clean the brushes.

3) Vaccum Cleaning

Start vacuuming once you have swept the floor. The most crucial component for maintaining hardwood floors is definitely a good hoover. Due to how simple it is to use, the Dyson cordless vacuum has been gaining a lot of popularity worldwide. The fact that this device doesn’t need to be plugged in while cleaning is its main advantage.

Depending on how fast the suction is applied, the charge can last up to 40 minutes. The most recent Dyson model also contains pet hair attachments, which makes the work much simpler for pet owners. Nevertheless, if you don’t have the money for it, a regular hoover will work just fine.