If some big trees overlook your home, you might have the problem of having to unblock your downpipes and water overflowing out of your guttering. Luckily, there are a few quick and easy solutions to stop this from happening including using a hedgehog gutter brush.

Clean the Gutter Yourself

You can annually clean the gutters out yourself, but this would require you investing in a ladder and making sure you have the correct safety equipment to keep the ladder safe. When you clean the gutter, make sure you clear all the debris out of the guttering and release the downpipe to ensure it is not blocked up. While up at the guttering, it’s always good to check it’s flowing correctly. This process will require putting a hose pipe in the gutter and making sure the guttering is pitched towards outlets/downpipes. If any fittings or clips are broken, look to replace them for safety and security.

Hire a professional 

As an alternative, you can pay a roofer/window cleaner to clean your gutters on an annual basis. If you’d instead relax and let someone else clean/repair your gutters for you, this would be a more convenient alternative. Before going ahead, make sure to pick a trusted and reviewed contractor who will do the job correctly. The contractor should take care of any clogged gutters, check if they are pitched correctly, and make sure any fittings are repaired and replaced.

Use Hedgehog Gutter brush

Lastly, you can insert a gutter guard into your guttering to protect it. Hedgehog gutter brush can be inserted into the gutter quickly and easily. Moreover, they come in 4-meter lengths and can match the colour of your guttering. This cost-efficient product will keep the larger debris out of the guttering and stop the downpipes from getting clogged up and the guttering overflowing.

If you decide to do it yourself, be safe and use an adequately secure ladder. 

Final Thoughts

If I had to choose for my own home, I would go with option 3, the hedgehog gutter brush. After the initial cost and set up, this takes out all the pain of an annual clean up or the cost of a contractor. Whilst smaller debris will get through the gutter brush; it should not cause any issues and pass through the guttering like normal. Moreover, the product is guaranteed for ten years and needs no expertise to fit. It simply slides into the gutter and is clipped with gutter clips, making it an excellent house product.