If you have water leakage, clogged drain line or any other problem in your home, you can hire a handyman to fix those home problems. But like most homeowners in Dallas, if you’re confused about how to find a reliable handyman, this blog is for you.

Why Hiring a Local-Reliable Handyman is Important?

1.      Complete Idea of Area-Specific Requirements

When you hire a local handyman, they know your area and nearby hardware stores. Besides, they come with necessary business contacts. As a result, your repair or replacement process becomes a lot faster and smoother. Moreover, if the handyman needs any additional support, he can call his contacts for necessary equipment and an extra hand. But when you hire a novice handyman, they don’t offer these benefits. Besides, there is no guarantee that the novice handyman will be able to fix your problems.

2.      Offers Valuable Suggestions & Advice

One of the significant advantages of hiring a reliable handyman is that they provide necessary advice and suggestions while fixing your problems. For example, if you hire a handyman for a plumbing issue, they will advise you on how to use your bathroom or laundry area more effectively. And trust me, this professional handyman advice is so helpful that it’ll make your life a lot easier.

3.      Quick Response

Unlike novice handyman service, professional handyman offers quick response service. As soon as you call a professional handyman, they will visit your home within an hour, identify the main issue, and start fixing the problem. As a result, you won’t have to deal with water leakage or clogged drain line problem for days.

Who Should I Hire: Repair Company or Repairman?

It is a frequently asked question – who should I hire for my home repair, a one-person business, or a repair company. To make things easier for you, here are the pros and cons of the one-person repair service and a company repair service.

Repair Company  


  • Quick response
  • Comes with a highly skilled and qualified handyman
  • Homeowners can get 24/7 repair
  • Offers all sorts of home repair and replacement services
  • Maintains strict health protocols for employees
  • Easy to check previous work records and users’ reviews


  • Cost may be a bit higher, but it depends on the repair company you choose

One-Person Business


  • Offers repair services at a low cost
  • Homeowners can negotiate the repair cost with the handyman


  • It’ll take longer to fix your home issues
  • Minimum control overwork
  • You may not get emergency or 24/7 service

Reliable Handyman in Dallas

Step 1: Identify the Right Handyman or Repair Company

Not all handyman offers all sorts of repair services. That’s why at first, you’ll have to identify the right handyman or repair company.

For example, if you need HVAC repair services such as AC refrigerant refill, drain line cleaning, etc., you’ll have to hire a handyman that offers these sorts of services. Again, if you have a water leakage, clogged water line, etc., you’ll have to call a plumber.

As both the plumber and HVAC handyman works on the pipes, many homeowners think that a plumber can handle HVAC repairs or vice-versa. But it’s far from the truth. Again, if you need services like boiler replacement or compressor repair, you must call a professional HVAC technician. Because handling such components is a bit risky, and only professional HVAC technicians know how to handle these HVAC parts.

Step 2: Check Users’ Reviews & Testimonials  

After listing the right handyman or repair companies, you’ll have to shortlist professionals who are in your close proximity. Also, you’ll have to count on their experience into account. And for this, you can check the users’ review section of the repair company’s website.

Again, if you have friends or family nearby who hired a handyman recently, you can ask them about their experience and repair costs.

To know about other homeowners’ experiences, you can check platforms like Yelp.

Apart from the users’ reviews, you can read the testimonials on the repair company’s website. By reading the testimonials, you’ll get an idea of why a homeowner booked a particular service company, what they got, and how his experience was

Step 3: Compare Service Costs

When you’re done with the shortlisting, you’ll have to go to their website and compare their service costs. While comparing the services, you’ll have to check what services they are offering. Unfortunately, many homeowners select the repair company that offers the lowest price without even checking what work they are getting done through the package.

If you notice a repair company offering their service at a meager cost compared to others, you should leave the website and look for other companies. Because repair companies that offer services at an extremely low cost are often scams and don’t provide the promised services.

After dealing with all these, you’ll need to have a conversation with the handyman or repair company about their repair approach. Also, if you need services like boiler repair or other sensitive repairs or replacement, you must ask about their COVID-19 health protocols and how they are going to tackle accidents.

Word of the Wise

While hiring a handyman, you’ll have to keep in mind that not all repairs are possible with a handyman. For complex or sensitive repair services, you’ll have to hire professionals in that specific field.