The most important quality features of artificial turf are the look and feel. Even a layperson can recognize the quality of the artificial turf if, for example, he sees a sample of the artificial turf and holds it in his hands. Many artificial turf providers therefore send one or more free artificial turf samples before ordering the artificial turf. In this way, even a layperson can convince themselves of the quality of the artificial grass.

In addition to the free sample, with which you can experience the feel and look live, pictures are another way to get a first impression of the quality of the artificial turf. That is why Avengrass regularly posts new artificial turf images from a wide variety of projects that they were able to realize for our customers from laying in gardens, on balconies or roof terraces to artificial turf surfaces in public areas, hotels or other commercial environments. So you can see what high-quality artificial turf looks like after it has been laid.

Further Properties That Are Decisive For The Quality Of Artificial Grass

In addition to the look and feel, there are numerous other properties that make up high-quality artificial turf and distinguish it, for example, from inexpensive goods from the hardware store or discount store. In comparison of the types of artificial turf, we have listed these properties for each artificial turf so that you can quickly get an overview. On the one hand, you should always pay attention to the guarantees that an artificial turf provider grants. For example, a long-term guarantee of high quality UV resistance is definitely a very important quality feature, because you can be sure that the artificial grass will not lose its color even after a long period of time and intense sunlight.

Maintenance Effort

The low maintenance is one of the main reasons for the popularity of artificial turf. Therefore, the necessary maintenance effort is a particularly important property that you should consider when buying artificial turf and that also provide information about the quality of the artificial turf. In general, however, it can be said that even a medium-high maintenance effort still takes considerably less time than, for example, a natural lawn would do.

Artificial Grass Material: Testing For Harmful Substances 

Important quality features here, for example, the test for pollutants, because you come into quite intensive contact with artificial turf. High-quality artificial turf is made of polyethylene and polypropylene – both plastics that have also been used in the food sector for many years. With cheap artificial turf, however, the problem often arises due to the color, so that you should definitely make sure that it is free of harmful substances to ensure good quality. The water permeability of the artificial turf ensures that precipitation can run off without any problems. Another factor that shows the quality of artificial turf is water permeability. All types of artificial grass from our range offer water permeability of at least 60 liters per minute and square meter, so that even large amounts of precipitation can drain off quickly and unhindered.

Flammability and Fire Protection 

Especially for commercial use, there are high requirements for floor coverings, which of course also have to be met by artificial turf if it is to be used professionally. Therefore, the topic of flammability and fire protection class is a relevant decision criterion when choosing the right artificial turf. A fire protection impregnation is available for indoor areas with our high-quality artificial turf, which also allows the use of the artificial turf in the interior of commercial areas.

Who Manufacturers Artificial Grass?

Avengrass team which is one of the most well-known artificial grass manufacturers on international marketplace, has been producing a large scale variety of artificial grass models and exporting them to all around the world. This company offers the most affordable price opportunities as well as the highest-quality on their services. Are you thinking about purchasing artificial turf for your garden or balcony? Or maybe you have a completely different application idea in mind, for example for indoors or for a showroom? Would you like to find out what advantages artificial turf can have for you? Please do not hesitate to contact them and get more information.