When setting out to purchase contemporary tableware for your home, there are certain things you need to keep in mind, especially as these tips will form the basis upon which an excellent decision will be made. Whether you are an expert at buying contemporary tableware or you are a newbie, the same process applies to both, especially if you seek to get the most quality and value for your money.

When making a selection, either when you are buying online or choose to visit a store offering these items, you should first consider how you will be using the items. Some people purchase table and dinnerware for daily usage while in some cases, others may not call upon these household items until during holidays, making it an occasional-use item.

For people who will be making use of these items daily, it is recommended that you go all out for earthenware and stoneware as they are both casual and entertaining choices. If you are in the market for tableware that offers a more refined look, then the porcelain tableware may be the best option for your needs as it is more durable and decorative.
While these three options may put you in a bit of a dilemma, especially with regards to the best option to choose for your needs, below are some of the things you need to know that may further inform your decision on a final choice.

  •  Earthenware

    Earthenware is one of the most common choices around and this is owed to a number of factors. First, earthenware is affordable and this makes it a more desirable choice for many. Made from a common ceramic material that is used in pottery, earthenware is subjected to fire at high temperatures causing the material to harden. It becomes watertight when it is glazed and can be made into different decorative shapes.
    While earthenware is more porous than stoneware, a major disadvantage is that it is less strong and durable compared to stoneware.

  • Stoneware

Stoneware is also a very affordable option when considering tableware. One of the biggest advantages of stoneware is that it is more durable compared to earthenware although less porous. Stoneware is made harder by naturally occurring vitreous elements and more opacity compared to porcelain.
For people choosing stoneware, it is essential that you understand that this material has a denser body compared to earthenware, thus enabling it to withstand and resist scratching better.

  • Porcelain

Porcelain tableware is sometimes referred to as china and these are crafted from ceramic materials. Ceramic materials are subjected to fire at a very high temperature, thus accounting for the super strength, translucent shell-like appearance, and its overall durability. Porcelain tableware is more popular and high-end tableware or dinnerware option.

Porcelain materials are resistant to thermal shock and have excellent insulation properties.

Helpful Tips To Help You Shop Better

Having understood the different options you stand to choose from, there is a need to understand the most valuable buying tips that will come in handy. Below are some you will come to cherish.
Helpful Tips To Help You Shop Better
1. Consider Your Cupboards, Shelves, And Dishwasher

When purchasing new dishes and dinnerware, there are several things to put into consideration but top on that list should be the size of the items you are purchasing. You do not want to purchase an item that is too big so that it becomes a problem fitting it into your cabinet, shelf or dishwasher. It is always recommended that you consider the size of the existing structures and appliances on the ground before making a final decision.

2. Open Stock Means Custom Selection

When choosing your dishes, it is recommended that you look for open stock as this will help you better customize your picks. Chances are high that you may not have specific needs for some sizes of the dishes and this may become a problem if you buy it all as a set. Instead, the open stock allows you to choose just the right sizes for the specific use you want them for, whether soup bowls or dinner plates.

3. Bone China Or Porcelain Will Never Disappoint

One thing holds true, white is classic and timeless and in line with this, bone china or porcelain will never disappoint you. Bone china and porcelain are beautiful, classic and can be applied across a wide variety of dishes making the option just the perfect one for your kitchen.

4. Buy To Accommodate

When making a purchase, it is recommended that you purchase enough pieces not just for you but in anticipation of guests and visitors. Doing this allows you some extra dishes in the event you become careless and break some. Also, it allows you to cater to a number of guests without having to panic about the sufficiency.

5. Consider Formal And Everyday Dining Separately

Items like dinnerware tend to lose their shine and whiteness over time and due to use. To this extent, it is recommended that you purchase separate dishes for everyday use and formal use. Doing this will help you keep your guests entertained and satisfied while also feeling content with the presentation of food.