The coronavirus pandemic has left a lot of uncertainty for many people. With social distancing orders in place, people are forced to work from home and students shifted to online learning. There is no clear end in sight. In this time of uncertainty, even small issues can become big and that too very fast. 

Unfortunately, with so many people at home, plumbing systems feel the strain of increased usage. This results in all kinds of plumbing issues. However, plumbing is an essential business in Warren and elsewhere, so you do not have to live in quarantine with a plumbing emergency. You might be wondering is, it safe to call your local plumber in Warren while social distancing?

Is It Safe to Call a Plumber?

Chances are you do not pay much attention to your plumbing except in times of emergency. Unfortunately, this means that when disaster strikes, you are often left with no option but to call a plumber. Luckily, plumbing is considered an essential service by the CDC, meaning they are open and at your disposal. 

As you know, COVID-19 can spread through dirty surfaces and fecal matter, not to mention other nasty diseases that can spread the same way. As a result, addressing plumbing problems is as important to your health as maintaining proper social distancing. That being said, you may be wondering if it is safe to call a plumber amid a pandemic. The answer is yes, but with precautions in place. There are plenty of things your plumber is required to do (and you too need) to reduce the risk of transmission from the plumber to your family or vice-versa. 

What Type of Safety Precautions Plumbers Take?

The idea of calling in a stranger to your home at this time is not as comforting as we want to reduce exposure to others. However, there are a lot of proactive steps that plumbers in Warren take to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spread and protect you and your family. 

All the plumbers who enter your home strictly follow the CDC guidelines. They wear protective equipment and also strive to maintain social distancing by staying away from your family members. You also need to do your part here, wear a face mask, and give plumber space when they work by observing at a distance instead of getting close to look at what they are doing. 

The plumbers frequently use sanitizer and disinfect all their equipment that is brought into your house as well as all the touch points. Proper protective steps help protect the plumber and your family. In addition to this, before coming, the plumber Warren will call to ensure there is no risk of exposure in your home and then proceed accordingly. With the right safety precautions in place, allowing a plumber to enter your home to take care of a plumbing problem or perform routine maintenance does not have to be intimidating. 


In a time of crisis, it can be difficult to tell what is important and what is best left for tomorrow. Plumbing problems are ones that should be addressed immediately. With precautions taken by both you and your plumber, you can keep your plumbing systems working smoothly while keeping everyone safe. If you have a plumbing issue and need to call in the plumber, then make a call to Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Youngstown at 330-406-9006 today. They have a team of certified plumbers who help fix the issue at an affordable price. All the plumbers follow the CDC guidelines to ensure the safety of homeowners.